New Variegated strep: Different Drummer

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New Variegated strep: Different Drummer

Postby dale4streps » Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:48 pm

I posted in the general Photo Album a picture of Nancy Block's variegated strep 'Different Drummer'. It's a Cape Essence hybrid with Iced Pink Flamingo as the mother. Cape Essence is scented, but there is no scent in this hybrid with very unusual flower coloration. I think it's appropriately named.

I have had the scent of S. candidus pass onto progeny by using that species as a father...but only 30% of the seedlings had scent. Cape Essence has much stronger scent so I'm disappointed along with Nancy that this gorgeous hybrid doesn't have scent.

I'm now using T-8 tubes on my largest plant stand and Different Drummer responded nicely with lots of flowers all at once.
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