Dale's New Hybrids: Gesneriad Convention

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Dale's New Hybrids: Gesneriad Convention

Postby dale4streps » Sat Jul 12, 2008 11:00 pm

I attended The Gesneriad Society's convention in Denver and entered some new hybrids. I finally have a "keeper" fantasy which I call 'Dale's Lost in Space'. The "space" comes from its father, 'Space Dust'. I crossed Nerys x Space Dust. See the photo in the general area of the Photo Album. Out of 25 seedlings, I got one fantasy flower which is a lighter violet on darker violet. Charles Lawn also raised several seedlings from my seed and he got only one fantasy. I forgot to ask how many he raised to get that single fantasy. Anyway, I think creating a fantasy by out-crossing to a non-fantasy, I have a strong, healthy plant. I had several ask me how I got such healthy looking leaves. I think that comes from good culture, but also the plant is very robust.

Another entry was 'Heartland's Midnight Sun' which is a cross between Nerys x Salmon Sunset. It has a bit of yellow on the upper petals. Whenever anyone enters my plant room, that's the one they point to, even if 'Dale's Scarlet Macaw' is in full bloom.

The strep that got the most notice was in a Kinship Collection. It's a cross between 'Gator's Tail' x S. pole-evansii. I got two "keepers": One is 'Heartland's Karyn' named after Karyn Cichocki who gave me pollen from S. pole-evansii. The other is 'Heartland's Baby Bluebirds' which like its sister has a multitude of tiny flowers.

I gave away oodles of leaves from all of them and Kathy Spissman went home with the auction basket of leaves/plants I donated to the Society.

Enjoy the photos and give me feedback, please!
Dale in Illinois
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Postby violetaholic » Sun Jul 13, 2008 1:18 am

That is very pretty Dale!
Is it about the same size bloom as Space Dust also?

I like it, it is different and sounds like a strong grower. Maybe the outcrossing with help produce better pollen for future crosses also.
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Postby dale4streps » Sun Jul 13, 2008 1:36 am

Lori, The flower size of 'Dale's Lost in Space' is more the size of its mother, Nerys. The leaves on 'Dale's Lost in Space' are definitely not Nerys', but 'Heartland's Midnight Sun' did get Nerys' thin leaves. So there goes the theory that progeny always get their leaf size/shape from mom.
Dale in Illinois
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