JJ's Redhead's Fantasy

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JJ's Redhead's Fantasy

Postby dale4streps » Sun May 17, 2009 7:14 pm

My friend, John Jugenheimer, asked me for pollen from Spin Art when I took the plant to my local AV club. I warned him that often one doesn't get fantasy just because one uses a fantasy as a parent. I told him about all my trials with Spin Art that were failures. He's only been hybridizing for a year or so and got an outstanding fantasy flower with the pollen I gave him. I believe he used Iced Pink Flamingo as the mother because his goal is fantasy on variegated foliage. He wanted to name it Dale's Fantasy, but I talked him out of it. So he named it, 'JJ's Redhead's Fantasy'. (I'm a headhead)

I posted the photo in the general Photo Album. Only he and I have this hybrid at the moment and I'll be giving away a leaf at the Gesneriad Society convention.

John just gave me seedlings to grow out from crossing: Fleischle's Cherry Roulette x JJ's Redhead's Fantasy.

Be sure to look at the photo right after John's new hybrid because the grandparentage in it include S. lilliputana as well as the unifoliate S. dunnii. Note the bud count on my seedling.
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Postby Trudy » Tue May 19, 2009 3:32 pm


The fantasy strep over the variegated foliage is stunning.

I will be looking for this strep in the future.

Thanks for sharing

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