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1994 Beautiful red colored flowers with deeper red veining on petals. Two to four blooms per stalk. Dark green foliage. (Viol. Nat. catalog)(AGGS register)


(Block) Something new in dilutes, a GOTHIC (blackish-red edged) dilute blossom over variegated foliage.


(Dibley) A large flowering variety, with shocking red-purple flowers, the lower lobes have 3 yellow blotches and an intense yellow eye. Very free flowering.


1999 (Mikkelsens list) Lavender-pink flowers with magenta colored veins on the lower petals. Very floriferous. (AGGS register)


1959 The Begonian seed fund. Rejected name for unidentified seeds described "Identification lost by collector. Single leaf 7 x 9 inches, purple backed, several stems of small lavender flowers." (AGGS register)

After Midnight

(K. Williams) Purple with darker veins, upper lobes lighter mauve with darker veins giving a two-toned effect. Small ruff of petals in center of flowers.

Afternoon Delight

(N. Block) Small, very compact, heavy bloomer. Blooms early on strong blossom stems. Another Gracie charmer.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.



Ako Autumn Leaf


Ako Candies


Ako Cool Stream


Ako Far Away


Ako Flamingo Dance


Ako Galaxy


Ako Glacier


Ako Happy Splash


Ako Honeybees


Ako Lava Flow


Ako Lavender Dream


Ako Lilac Dream


Ako Lime Spirit


Ako Mighty Sixty


Ako Misty Scene


Ako Peppermint Candy


Ako Pink Dream


Ako Pink Shuttle


Ako Pink Splash


Ako Red Popcorn


Ako Scarlet Dream


Ako Sky Shuttle


Ako Smoky Coral


Ako Spearmint Candy


Ako Sunbirds


Ako Winter Fire


Ako Woodpecker



(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Alabaster Rose


(C. Broertjes) 1973 A colchicine and radiation-induced autotetraploid of 'Massen's White'. "Produces more flowers on longer stalks than Massen's White." (Kartuz catalog)(AGGS register)


(Sorano) 1996 Small flowers of delicate, rose-pink have lemon yellow throats. Three dark pink streaks extend from the throat. A small, compact grower that is always in bloom. (AGGS register)


(Dibley hybrid) The flowers are a rich plum color. (2003 introduction)


1995 (Oglevee) Outstanding flower production is highlighted by the white and purple throat stripes against the blue color. The dainty flowers appear profusely on full plants. Flowers 1 1/2", compact-medium growth habit. (AGGS Register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Dibley hybrid) Wonderful primrose yellow on all 5 lobes of the flower with faint lines in the throat. Multi branching and very free flowering. It can flower for 10 months of the year. PBR applied for. (2008 introduction)

Alpine Cascade

(D. Thompson)White blossom covered with blue-violet on the lower lobes with darker veining. The upper lobes are almost pure white, having tiny amounts of blue at the tips of the lobes.

Al's Pal

(Dale Martens) 1998 Semi-double light violet flower with heavy dark violet netting and white throat. Large rosette. (AGGS Register)

Aly's Autumn Joy

(Droege) Pink 'Joker' like blooms on a compact plant. (Label came with plant from hybridizer)

Aly's Bret Metalica


Aly's Carolina Neon


Aly's Christina's Surprise

(Droege) White with water color lavender splash at the throat and light purple webbing on lower three lobes. Compact. (Florals of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's Cupids Kiss

(Droege) 1997 Peachy pink with yellow and cherry markings. Small grower. 3 to 5 blooms per stalk. (Florals of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's Evening Serenade

(Droege) Large periwinkle blue blooms with raspberry webbing from the throat and on the lower 3 petals. 3 blooms per stalk. Huge blooms. (Floral's of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's Lady Elizabeth

(Droege) Medium mauve background. Lower three petals overlaid with hot cerise webbing. Slight yellow in throat. Two to three blooms per stalk. (Florals of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's Magnetosphere

(Droege) Lavender background with purple spots and dark webbing overlay overall. Spotting shows on back of petals as well. Small grower. Three to five blooms per stalk. (Florals of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's Maitland Skies

(Droege)Large wavy medium blue blooms with purple webbing on lower three lobes. Three to five blooms per stalk. (Florals of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's Mollie Howell

(Droege) Wavy with frilly edge. Light mauve bloom with darker mauve webbing overall. Yellow throat with darker mauve stripes. Three to four blooms per stalk. (Florals of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's Mikey

(Droege) Same as "Michael" only small grower. (Florals of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's St. John's Fire

(Droege) Bright flaming cerise with raspberry webbing overall. Black/red blotch on throat opening. Slightly curled mauve edge on bloom petals.(Florals of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's Tiger Lily

(Droege) Magenta dots and webbing over all bloom petals - some with crimson shadings. Small grower. (Florals of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's Tricia

(Droege) An ethereal white with slightly wavy petals. 3 to 5 blooms per stalk. Medium green leaves. (Florals of Fredericks catalog)

Aly's Winky



(Dibley hybrid) 1995 Rich blue flowers with darker veining and white throat; upright stems producing a nice round head of flowers.


1998 Bright rose flowers, yellow throat. (Belisle's catalog)(AGGS register)

Amazing Grace

(Nancy Block) Very showy, compact, heavy blooming pleaser. Thick amethyst edges, large white throat with yellow overtones,purple lines disect each petal. Long lasting blossoms, 2-5 per stem, held high over dark green leaves.




(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


1972 Watermelon rose with big dark splotch in throat with white stripes, deeply ruffled lobes. Rosette type. (Arndt's catalog)(AGGS register)


1993 Giant deep pink ruffled flowers with striped throat. Free flowering terrific. Or best and most showy pink.(Kartuz catalog)(AGGS register)


(K. Williams) White background and throat, all segments heavily veined pink, throat white. (S. ‘Double Delight’ x S. ‘Franken Ziva’)

American Beauty

(N. Block) Blush pink with white throat, and slight yellow touches. Dark lines from throat score lower petals. Everything you'd expect from Amazing Grace, small grower, very compact, heavy bloomer.


1999 (J. Ford) Leaves Hairy, dark green, pale lavender with amethyst on three lower petals and amethyst veining on two top petals, resembling a cattleya orchid. (Tiki Nurs. catalog)(AGGS register)

Amethyst Lace

A true amethyst color with three bottom petals being darker amethyst. (Florals of Fredericks catalog)


Very Large frilled blooms are purple with deeper netting on the upper lobes and lower lobes are bright yellow with bold deep purple lines and edged a lighter purple. Limit one. (Russian hybrid)


(Oglevee) Olympus series, deep purple with white outlined margins. (Oglevee site)


1972 Medium blue bell, white throat accented with lines of purple. Rosette type. (AGGS register)

Angel Eyes

(Sorano) 1995 White flowers have deep yellow throats with light bluish-purple bib accenting the lower lobes and throat. Medium green foliage.(Lyndon Lyon catalog)(AGGS register)

Angela (7002)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Angelina Jolie

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko)Huge white fringed flowers round shape textured. Flowers dense, short stalks.

Angel's Breath

(S.Burtchett) Soft frilly light pink blooms accented with raspberry rays emitting from a yellow-cr�me throat. Heavy blooming with long lasting blooms.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Anna Sui

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Anna Sui

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko)

Annabel Rae

(R. Annabel) Corolla salverform with ruffled edges, upper petals lavender, lower petals white, throat lined with various shades of lavender, darkest in center.


(Annabell Thomas) Pale pink with darker pink stripes and veining.


(Dibley hybrid) 1995 Deepest Purple just like one of it's parents, Elsi, but fully double similar to Rosebud. (AGGS register)

Antique Lace

1993 (Krieger) Hybrid with anthocyanin lines on upper petals. (AGGS register)

Antique Rose

1999 (J. Ford) Top lobes pale pink, bottom lobes pink, nicely veined with wine rose markings, resembling a cattleya orchid. Flower quite large with ruffled edges, touch of double in center. (Violet creations catalog)(AGGS register)

Antique Rose

1996 (Sorano) Soft pink blossoms have dark rose veining on the upper two petal tips. Burgundy streaks and veining accent the throat and lower lobes, as well as rose blushing and two-tone netting. Medium green foliage. (AGGS register)

Antonio Banderas

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Very large white flowers with wavy smooth gradient mesh and violet-blue pattern. Very wavy edges of the petals. Variety is growing rapidly, early flowering. 2013.

Apis (6029)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


1984 Large, light red flowers with deep red markings. Compact habit. Numerous flowers per stalk. (Mikkelsens list)(AGGS register)

Apple Blossom

1999 (J. Ford) Bottom lobes pale pink with a white edge, top two lobes white, shading to pink at top. (AGGS register)

April Showers

1995 (B. Walker) A small standard strep, white with a purple splash. (AGGS register)




1980 Large lavender bloom, dark purple striped throat. (Country Hills)(AGGS register)


1986 (Mikkelsens) Two inch white flowers with yellow throat with carmine streaking. Dark green compact foliage. (AGGS register)


(J. Truter) Deep indigo purple with white throat and lines at bases of all lobes.


(K. Williams) Pinkish purple with white lines coming from the white throat onto all lobes. (S. 'Penelope' x S. 'Inky Fingers')


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Arkansas Empress

(J. Lindstrom) The upper four or five nodes each bear cymose inflorescences. The ovate leaves with red-purple petioles and red-purple stems are also distinctive. (S. insularis x S. conspicua)


1983 (B. Schwarz) Abundant large shocking pink flowers, striped throat. Very free flowering, vigorous. (Kartuz Catalog)(AGGS register)


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Dark blue flowers with venous pattern with black velvet throat. Compact.


(Oglevee) Flower color violet/white, flower size medium, growth habit medium. (Oglevee website)



Asago Komachi





1984 (Mikkelsen's) White flowers with a lavender/pink throat. Compact, rosette habit. Floriferous. Excellent keeping qualities. (AGGS register)

Atsu Hama


Audi Q7

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko)


(N. Block) Small growing, compact plant with narrow leaves. Blossoms are red with deeper red bib, and two yellow fangs from throat.


(Mrs. P.A. Heath) Pink-lilac with yellow streaks from throat and deep pink-purple veining on lower three petals. (S. 'Hannah Ellis' x unknown)

Autumn Dew

(Okuto) Light purple with darker purple stripes and yellow bars in the throat. Flower is shaped like kentaniensis, leaf is linear but wider than kentaniensis. (AGGS register)


(Okuto) Red-purple with big yellow center on lower lobes. (AGGS Register)


A medium sized creamy-white flower with shocking pink veins blending into a large yellow throat. Very free flowering on short stalks. (

Azure Giant

(D. Thompson)Huge ruffled and textured azure-blue flowers with a pure yellow throat. Despite the huge flower size, it has short flower stems that hold them upright. Most other really big streps have flowers that flop on long stems. The flowers are fully four inches wide when the plant is grown well.