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Baby Blue

1982 F1 Hybrid. The most compact streptocarpus offered. Light blue flowers with white throats on small plants; early flowering. (Butchers cat cover)(AGGS register)

Baby Blood

Compact. Deep red flowers. Late bloomer with medium green foliages.

Baby Boy

(J. Kuiper)

Baby Doll

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Delicate and charming. Flowers are large enough structure lepestva dense short erect stalks. Sunny grade!


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Banana Split

(N. Block) Nice mix of lavender and yellow blossoms, with lavender backed petals. Large grower.

Bandai no Uta



1999 (J. Ford) Top lobes light purple with a dark center vein as well as less intense veining, lower lobes deeper in color with deeper veining, white veins in throat. (AGGS register)


1994 (Sorano) Raspberry fuchsia blossoms are flushed with a yellow throat that is dotted and streaked with maroon. Medium green compact foliage. (AGGS register)

Barwa Indii

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(D. Thompson) Bristol's Party Girl x Burgundy Ruffles. This cross produced what I call the blue sister (Batik), the purple sister (Helter Skelter), and the crazy sister (Spin Art), all from the same seed pod.

Bavarian Belles

1980-81 Fast bloming, large blossoms, wide color range, profuse flowering. Requires same conditions as gloxinias. Seed strain, not a cv. name. (Skidelsky catalog)(AGGS register)

Bed Of Roses

(N. Block) Unique ruffled & curly blossoms often giving the look of small roses. Small to medium grower with dark green slim leaves.


(Frank Davies/Ken Jones) Light salmon pink with serrated edge, yellow throat. (AGGS)

Believe In Miracles

(N. Block)


(Dibley) This delicately coloured multi-flowering plant will produce a continuous display of flowers for over ten months a year. Moderately compact with strong, upright inflorescences which reach to about 20cm in height.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(K. Williams) Rosy purple with deeper veining. (AGGS)

Bermuda Sunset

1999 (J. Ford) Light coral rose , seven dark rose veins extended from yellow throat onto lower lobes. (AGGS register)

Berry Shake

1996 (Sorano) Light, burgundy pink blossoms, heavily veined in dark red. The lower three lobes are heavily blushed deep burgundy and etched with burgundy netting. Two yellow streaks accent the burgundy and white throat, medium green foliage. (Lyndon Lyon catalog)(AGGS register)


Heavily frilled light purple blooms with darker rays on a light throat and lower lobes veined and netted at their edges.

Better Mousetrap

(Dale Martens) ( Enter Laughing x Minuet, ) a purple version of Enter Laughing


1998 (Dibley hybrid) A similar plant to 'Heidi' but it has white flowers with the strong deep purple stripe on the lower lobes. (AGGS register)


1995 (Dibley hybrid) Sky blue upper petals, lower petals having a tracery of purple overlying the blue. Masses of tightly clustered flowers above smallish leaves forming a neat plant. (AGGS register)


1998 No description. (Belisle catalog)(AGGS register)



(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Big J

1995 (J. Ford) Large and vibrant fuchsia-red flowers with darker veining and white throat with dark red lines and two yellow lines spilling onto lower lobes. Medium green foliage. (AGGS register)

Big Yolk

(Toshijiro Okuto) Lavender and white flowers with large yellow throat.


(N. Block) Red salmon blossoms over beautiful mosaic type variegation.

Black Ace

Double medium blue. (Pats pets)

Black Beauty

1999 (Ford) Dark purple/black with a white throat, slightly ruffled edges. (AGGS register)

Black Berry Brandy

1999 (Ford) Bluish gray with a white blotch extending half way out of the throat, 12 dark maroon veins extend from throat onto three bottom lobes, all lobes edged maroon.(AGGS register)

Black Eye

Black Eyed Peas

(N. Block) Clusters of blossoms with white rays coloring the throat. Loves to bloom.

Black Eyed Susan

(N. Block) Heavy blooming large flowered - another of the eye catching Maxx Factor x Joseph's Coat kids. "

Black Gardenia

1994 (J. Ford) Many velvety double dark purple flowers. Dark green, compact foliage. (Violet National catalog)(AGGS register)

Black Magic

1999 (J. Ford) Velvety dark purple with darker veining on all lobes, very small lavender center. (Tiki Nursery catalog)(AGGS register)

Black Magic

1994 (J. Ford) Darkest, velvety purple strep available. Nearly black in color. Medium green compact foliage. (AGGS register)

Black Magic Woman

(Nancy Block) Dark black/purple deeply ruffled petals with serrated edge. Short, strong blossom stems. Vigorous grower medium-large leaves.

Black Panther

1999 (J. Ford) Dark purple velvet with light purple throat, two prominent yellow "fangs" inthroat, lightly ruffled. (AGGS register)


(Block) Another Cape Baby kid.

Blue Beard

1995 (Sorano) Light blue flowers, accented with a white throat and a broad dark blue beard and blue netting. Medium green compact foliage. (AGGS register)

Blue Beacon

Blue Bonnet

1999 (J. Ford) Light blue with heavy yellow blotch from throat onto 3 lower lobes, upper lobes lighter in throat. (AGGS register)

Blue Boy

1977 Light blue ruffled large flowers, throat white with dark blue veining. (AGGS register)

Blue Eyes

(N. Block) Absolutely beautiful bouquets of long lasting blossoms. Compact grower.

Blue Filigree

1998 (M. Kartuz) Large netted blue on white background. Grandiflora. (AGGS register)

Blue Frills

1998 (M. Kartuz) Large netted blue on white background. Grandiflora. (AGGS register)

(Dibley catalog) A truly double variety with the blue veining on the lower 3 lobes picking up the blue of the upper lobes, the ruffled center petals mirror the blue and cream of the outer lobes. An upright growing variety which has medium/small flowers.

Blue Gem

1995 A truley Miniature streptocaropus. About the size of an African violet. Small, neat leaves, pale blue flowers with a yellow eye. (AGGS register)

Blue Heaven

(Ford) Double light blue/dark blue veins, one predominant vein in center of three lower lobes, white throat/double lavender center, ruffled edges so the lobes overlap. (AGGS register)

Blue Ice

Large white blooms with medium blue netting on lower lobes.

Blue Ice

Leaves variegated creamy white on green; Large blue flowers. (AGGS register)

Blue Iceberg

(J. Ford) Light blue with white throat, three light yellow veins extending from throat onto top two lobes. (AGGS register)

Blue Lace

(P. Worley) Pure white flowers veined medium blue. (AGGS register)

Blue Lightning

(Paul Lee) Calyx green, split. 5-12 flowers per peduncle. Corolla salverform, 3 cm long x 4 cm wide, blue. Lower petal protrudes. (S. hybrid x S. 'Achilles') (AGGS)

Blue Mars

Large lavender-blue flowers with dark purple throat; super bloomer, real showy. (AGGS register)

Blue Moon

A Spontaneous mutant of 'Constant Nymph', darker flowers with a clear white throat. (AGGS register)

Blue Network

(David Thompson)(The King X Muse), 2005 (2" light blue, heavily netted with dark blue except on lower halves of upper two lobes; prolific bloomer)

Blue Nymph

(Broertjes) 1969 A radiation induced mutant of 'Constant Nymph'. Light blue with dark veination on 3 lower lobes. (AGGS register)

Blue Streaker

one of the very first of the compact Streptocarpus. It was produced by (Lyndon Lyon) from the species S. erubescens and S. cyanandrus, along with hybrids of S. rexii. (

Blueberries N’ Cream

(Sorano) Lovely large white flowers with two-tone, dark purple throat and two golden-yellow dots extending from the throat. Compact foliage. (Alannah's)

Blueberry Butterfly

(Carolyn Colin-Lane) From a GHA S. kentaniensis hybrid seed project.

Blueberry Cream

1983 (P. Worley) Small succulent cream, yellow and soft green variegated leaves. Clusters of blue flowers held well above foliage. (AGGS register)

Blueberry Lane

1999 (J. ford) Medium blue with white throat, lower three lobes heavily striped with deep purple, yellow splotches between first and second as well as second and third stripes. (AGGS register)

Blueberry Muffin

(Sorano) The three lower lobes are in a rich blue-velvet with an overlay in purple, with a black throat. The upper lobes are in a lighter shade of blue with the tips dipped in midnight blue. Compact grower. (Alannah's)


1999 ( J. Ford) Blue with 12 dark purple veins extending from throat onto bottom lobes, ruffled edges. (AGGS register)


Blushing Bride

Compact variety with semi-double white flowers, with just a hint of pink. (AGGS register)

Blushing Ruffles

Soft pink frilled blooms with white-creme throat highlighted by dark raspberry rays.


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Black and purple velvety flowers with thin white border. Superobilnoe early flowering.


(N. Block) Eye popping color and blossom size, a strep that could only be called BODACIOUS!!Medium to large grower - a standout on any shelf.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Bossa Nova

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(D. Downs) White with broad violet edging to all lobes. Similar to ‘Roulette Cherry’and distinct from ‘Roulette Azur’ which is blue. (S. Violet Lace x unknown)(AGGS)


(Dibley hybrid) A white mutation of 'Stella' The large white flowers have pink veining almost covering the lower three petals. (AGGS register)



Large deep fuchsia-red flowers with bright yellow throat and raspberry side stripes on throat. Large medium green foliage. (AGGS register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(J. Ford) Dark red with white throat, white and yellow stripes on lower lobes, very fine white edging on all segments. (AGGS register)

Bright Eyes

(Sorano) Blue flower with a wide yellow throat and yellow flowing out onto lower petals. Accented with more yellow than most streps. Medium sized foliage (AGGS register)

Bright Eyes

(N. Block)

Brocade Velvet

Broertjes Mutants

1968 Collective name for artifically induced mutants of 'Constant Nymph' produced at Inst. for Atomic Science in Agric. Wageningen, Netherlands, 1968, by Broertjes using x-radiation on leaves with or without colchicine. The named clones are 'Blue Nymph', 'Cobalt Nymph', 'Mini Nymph' 'Netta Nymph', and 'Purple Nymph'. (AGGS register)

Brooklins Purple Lace

(B. Williams) 2010 (S. Bristol's Goose Egg x S. The King) (AGGS)

Brown Sugar

(J. Ford) Deep rose with yellow throat, two broad yellow fangs between lower three lobes. (AGGS register)


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Black and purple velvety flowers with thin white border. Superobilnoe early flowering.

Burberry (338-1)

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Idelnaya varietal characteristics. Structural dense petals, short stalks. Result of inbreeding in selection.

Burgundia (Burgundy)

(V. Paramonov) 2.25” wavy, slightly turned out white blooms with a heavy cherry veining and speckling. The lower lobe is slightly elongated. Medium-green slightly wavy leaves with a toothed edge.


(J. Ford) Two upper lobes white with small dark purple veining, the bottom three lobes dark purple with heavy white edge. (AGGS register)
Ruffled white multiflora, lower petals veined and netted deep burgundy. (AGGS register)

Burgundy Ice

(K. Williams) 2008 Very deep burgundy red with deeper veining seen in certain light, narrow white picotee edging on all lobes, throat white, extending onto lobes. (S. 'Bristol's Red Typhoon' x S. unnamed seedling)(AGGS)

Burgundy Lace

(K. Williams) 2012 White background with heavy burgundy lacing, darkening with age, a dark burgundy “necklace” on the lower lobes. (S. unnamed hybrid x S. 'Ronduls Kristin')(AGGS)

Burgundy Ruffles

(David Thompson) (Suzie X Michael), 2003 (2" dark red-purple with unmarked yellow throat; heavily ruffled)

Butter Blues

(David Thompson) (Burgundy X Sunsweet), 2003 (2" light blue with broad yellow throat and purple streaks at lobe bases; prolific bloomer)

Butterfly Effect

(G. Ridderberg) The flower-type is a bit different from other Streptocarpus Hybrids. Each petal is a bit pointed and the flowers are faced upwards. Many flowers on each stalk. The stalks are long and strong so it looks like the flowers are 'flying like butterflies' over the rosette of leaves. Heavy bloomer.


Leaves variegated cream and green.(Belisle's catalog) (AGGS register)


(K. Williams) Dark red with slightly darker veins, white in upper throat. (AGGS)

By Golly

No Description (This plant was exhibited at the AVSC national show in Toronto, May 1997, grown by Beverly Willieams (