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Bristol's Agitated Eel

(Robinson) Large white blooms thoroughly veined purple, edged white. Very vigorous, fast grower and constant bloomer. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Anteater

(Robinson)Velvety, very dark burgundy-purple blooms with yellow flecking in throat. Very dark, compact growing foliage. Very easy grower, never without blooms.(Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Blackbird

(Robinson) Very large, very velvety, very dark, nearly-black blooms with a "birds in flight" look. If you like dark blooms, this is a must-have.(Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Black Cherry

(Robinson) Large "black cherry" blooms with white throat, some white speckling on face, thin white edging. Very dark, red-backed foliage. Small grower. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Black Jacket

(Robinson)Fully double, very velvety, dark burgundy-black w/white petal backs. Good bloomer and growth habit.

Bristol's Black Light

(Robinson) Soft, velvety, sdbl. blooms with nearly-black lower lobes, lighter upper lobes that seem to "glow in the dark".

Bristol's Blue Bonnet

(Robinson) Lovely periwinkle-blue blooms with darker center and distinct butter-yellow eye. Extremely heavy bloomer all of the time. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Blue Bopper

(Robinson)Big, very blue-blue, velvety blooms. Heavy bloomer, very big and very blue!(Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Blue Lemon

(Robinson)Large medium blue blooms with large, clear bright yellow throat; compact.(AGGS register)

Bristol's Blue Water

(Robinson) A real favorite among our customers, it has very pretty, very blue, eye-catching blooms. Loads of lovely medium blue blooms w/deep blue lower lips. Easy grower and a very profuse bloomer. Compact. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Bluebird

(Robinson) Extreamly heavy bloomer with 12+ blooms per stem! Very deep blue flowers have black throats and two white eyes. Medium green foliage. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Boo Boo

(Robinson) Loads of deep red-red blooms with two yellow "dots" on face. Extremely constant and profuse bloomer. Excellent shade of red, very eye-catching.

Bristol's Bunny Hop


Bristol's Cat Dance

(Robinson) Very striking. Dark blue lower petals, widely edged white, white upper petals, tipped blue. Extremely profuse bloomer, always covered with masses of flowers. Easy grower.

Bristol's Cherry Dip

(Robinson) Dark, cherry-red blooms white white throat and edging, bright white petal backs. Easy grower, never without lots of blooms. (Rob's online catalog)

Bristol's Cherry Frost

(Robinson) Semi-double very deep carmine-rose with a distinct edge of light pink; eye-catching. Medium green foliage. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Cool Breeze

(Robinson) Silvery-lavender fringed blooms with large lemon-yellow throat. Very pretty.

Bristol's Costume Party

(Robinson) Fringed, bright lavender-purple sdbl. blooms with dark purple veining from throat and variable rose-pink fantasy.

Bristol's Cotton Candy

(Robinson) Cream-white blooms frosted pink, with thin purple-red speckled stripes from throat fading to a finer netting on face. Very soft and lovely. Constant bloomer, very pretty. (Rob's online catalog)

Bristol's Creamsicle

(Robinson) Large, pillowy, fully double light satin-pink blooms with pink veining.

Bristol's Daisy Doodle

(Robinson) Very striking! Large, almost pointed, petals on deep red-purple blooms with wide white borders. Compact, flat, foliage that shapes well. Excellent grower and bloomer. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Daisy Jane

(Robinson) Very striking, large white blooms with thick, very dark, crimson brush strokes emanating from center. Great bloomer. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Dinga Linga

Semi-double white, dark blue-purple streaks on lower lobes. It is a heavy constant bloomer. (Rob's Magazine)

Bristol's Doo Dah

(Robinson) A heavy blooming variety with double, deep rose flowers over glossy, lightly quilted foliage. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Doo Wop

(Robinson) Large, fully double ruby-red blooms. Medium-dark foliage. Vigorous.

Bristol's Fifth Element

(Robinson)Deep purple with yellow veining in throat, some white spotting on face. Profuse bloomer and easy grower.(Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Fishlips

(Robinson) Light pink upper, very deep cherry-red lower lobes. Compact grower.

Bristol's Fourth Dimension

(Robinson)Light periwinkle-blue with darker blue fantasy splashes, white throat. A very different color of fantasy bloom.(Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Frazzle Dazzle

(Robinson)White, blending to lavender-purple then darker purple, with dark purple netting throughout. Dark, red-backed foliage. Good bloomer.(Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Frickin Frack

(Robinson)Very deep burgundy-red. Dark red backed foliage, compact.(AGGS register)

Bristol's Goose Egg

(Robinson) Lovely pastel-pink blooms with large, clear, lemon-yellow throat. Pleastantly fragrant blooms, and very showy. Scented flowers! (AGGS register)

Bristol's Gum Drop

(Robinson) Adorable, burgundy pansies held in nice bouquet over compact foliage. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Gunpowder

(Robinson) Extremely large and spectacular deep purple-black blossoms are dramatically speckled throughout with tiny dots of silver, creating a very unique effect! An extremely heavy blooming variety, the blossoms are carried high over compact to medium sized foliage. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Hanky Panky

(Robinson) Dark blue-purple, bright yellow throat and lip, distinctive dark purple stripes on upper throat. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Hey Mei

(Robinson) Very dark, very velvety, deep-deep blackish-burgundy. Another heavy bloomer. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Hob Goblin

(Robinson) Fantastic very deep-deep rvelvety red with white throat. Medium to dark green foliage. Compact grower. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Hollihock

(Robinson) Huge carmine pink blooms with darker horizontal streaks on large white throat. Impressive!

Bristol's Hop Along

(Robinson) Fully double medium blue/white petal backs, compact. (Pats Pets)

Bristol's Hot Lips

(Robinson) Shocking, deep, hot-hot pink with large, bright yellow throat. Very eye catching. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Hot Rod

(Robinson) A must-have for red lovers! Velvety, deep, red-red blooms held gracefully over glossy foliage. An excellent specimen for show, and a beautiful plant. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Hug Me

(Robinson) A prolific blooming variety with semi-double carmine pink flowers with a creamy white throat. A heavy blooming variety. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Hush Puppy

(Robinson) Very soft, velvety, blooms with medium blue upper and deeper blue lower petals with distinctive white throat.

Bristol's I Do

(Robinson) White bloom with yellow throat with pink striping from throat to bottom petals.

Bristol's Ice Castle

(Robinson) Beautiful large white blooms, upper petals tipped and lower petals lightly netted in soft, silvery blue. Lovely plant. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Icy Blue

(Robinson) Loads of lovely icy-blue blooms with clear yellow throat. Heavy bloomer. Great small grower. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Ida Wanna

(Robinson) Large lavender flowers, yellow throat, darker stripes. (Belisle's) (User Database) (AGGS register)

Bristol's Jelly Bean

(Robinson) An adorable variety with ‘happy face’ blooms in deep, bright carmine-pink with white throat with compact-growing foliage. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Jimmies

(Robinson) Adorable. Carmine-pink sdbl. blooms with sporadic white fantasy streaks. Constant blooming small-growing plant (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Jumpin Jack

(Robinson) Medium blue pansy/thin white lines in throat, white petal backs, compact. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Kiss Me

(Robinson) Wavy semi-double deep pink blooms with thick lines of very dark red-purple. Medium green foliage. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Lan Doodoe

(Robinson) A superior plant sure to be popular. Large, fully double, light lavender blooms with dark netting on tips and lower petals. Compact, beautiful, and elegant. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Leopard Skin

(Robinson) Amazing, purple-black, heavily mottled with silver-white, the look of a leopard skin! (AGGS register)

Bristol's Libation

(Robinson) Large fully double medium orchid blossoms with dark purple netting on the lower lobes.. Medium green foliage. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Lily White

(Robinson) A must if you are looking for white blooms. Semidouble nearly-pure white blooms held in masses above compact foliage. Excellent growth habit, always in heavy bloom. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Lipstick

(Robinson). Color not accurate in photo. Carmine red with bright yellow throat. Compact grower . Starts blooming early and doesn't want to stop. Long lasting flowers.

Bristol's Loose Noodle

Bluish purple, double blossoms, have white centers protruding out onto the lower lobes, with purple stripes and two yellow streaks accenting the throat. Medium green foliage. (Lyndon Lyon website)(possibly not a Bristol's?)

Bristol's Luv It

(Robinson) White blossoms are blushed with a light shade of baby pink along the outer petals and upper throat. Colors of maroon and lemon yellow flood the lower throat extending onto the petals. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Marry Me

(Robinson) Absolutely lovely, one of the best for show. Lots of deep pink blooms with much darker pink throat. Superb growth habit, terrific bloomer and performer. We can't recommend this highly enough for its growth habit. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Mei Lei

(Robinson) Huge, fully double, stick-tite candy-apple red carnation blooms with very wide, very bright, white edging. Quilted foliage. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Mellow Jello

(Robinson)A superior grower and bloomer, highly recommended for the novice. It's a favorite of ours. Striking, large blue blooms with white veining in throat and edging, and bright white petal backs. Very distinctive, and a constant, heavy bloomer.(Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Meow Meow

(Robinson) Bright white blossoms with a pale yellow lower throat and bright magenta lines extending from the throat.

Bristol's Missy

(Robinson) Large fringed light lavender with a cream throat. A great grower. (AGGS register)

Mom's Plant

(R. Robinson) Light blue blooms shaded darker blue-purple. Dozens of blooms. Toughest, best bloom strep Rob's has yet.

Bristol's Moon Mist

(Robinson) Large blue-purple blooms, heavily frosted w/white overlay. Medium-dark foliage. Compact. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Moon Moth

(Robinson) Large semi-double flowers in silver-lilac with lower lobes in dark purple and then edged in silver lilac. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Moonlit Sky

(Robinson) White with dark blue throat and lower lobes. Edged in white. Large foliage. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Moose Stash

(Robinson) Wow! Dark purple upper lobes, white throat and lower lobes, edged purple--looks like a white "mustache" on a dark purple bloom. Unusual. Compact grower. (Robs Violets)

Bristol's Network

??? Not sure on this one if it is Bristol's or not. Please let me know if you do. :) ??? No description found.

Bristol's Night Shadows

(Robinson) Deep purple blossoms are velvety in appearance, surrounded by a thin white edge, with bright white petal backing. Medium green foliage. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Night Vision

(Robinson) Large, very dark, very velvety purple-black with bright white 'eyes' on lower throat. Great bloomer, and really dark colors. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Nightfall

(Robinson) A stunning plant. Very dark blue blooms with thick black veining on bright yellow throat. Excellent grower, one of our best sellers. Very heavy bloomer, we've had in excess of 80+ blooms on a mature plant. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Nose Print

(Robinson) Upper petals white, tipped purple, lower petals dark purple-red, then edged white. Very easy grower, always in bloom, certainly distinctive. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Oingo Boingo

(Robinson) Double blue with yellow throat. Very easy grower, very heavy and constant bloomer. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Oriental Art

(Robinson) Already one of our all-time favorites. Extremely profuse, long lasting, white blooms with dark as ink blue face. Wonderful growth habit, never ceases to be in heavy bloom. A superior plant in every way.

Bristol's Pajama Party

(Robinson) Deep rose-pink blooms heavily streaked with white fantasy. The best fantasy we've yet seen of this color. Very unusual and a steady bloomer. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Party Animal

(Robinson) Large pink blooms with cream throat and heavy white fantasy splashes and streaks. Very unusual and showy (Robs Violets)

Bristol's Party Boy

(Robinson) Very colorful bloomer with almost psychedelic, blue, rose, and white, fantasy-swirled blooms. Large blooms on a larger-growing plant. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Party Girl

(Robinson) Deep medium blue blooms with heavy splashes of pink fantasy. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Paw Print

(Robinson) Velvety blooms with medium lavender purple upper petals and very dark deep blue lower petals with lighter edging. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Pen n Ink

(Robinson) Large, bright white blooms with thick, dark ink-purple lines from throat. Nice growth habit and easy, costant, bloomer. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Periwinkle

(Robinson) Soft lavender-periwinkle-blue flowers with a clear yellow throat. A profuse bloomer with 60+ blossoms on a mature plant. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Petticoats

(Doesn't match plant)(Robinson) Large, red-wine blooms with broad, distinctive, lightly frilled edging. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Petunia

(Robinson) Very showy. Enormous 3 inch semi-double, ruffled petunia like blooms of very deep rose pink with bright white throat. Large Grower. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Phaser Blast

(Robinson) Large single to semi-double very dark purple with rays of silver spritzing emanating from center outward. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Piggley Wiggley

(Robinson) Semidouble very deep pink/darker veining, compact. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Pink Lemonade

(Robinson) Lightly fringed rose-pink blooms with dark maroon stripes on bright yellow lower throat. Good and constant bloomer, very easy grower. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Pink Priss

(Robinson) Lovely, fringed, deep shell-pink blooms with butter-yellow throat. Dark, quilted, foliage. Very pretty. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Pink Tease

(Robinson) Double carmine-pink with darker rays on lower petals. Short stems over, nice, flat-growing foliage. Constantly in heavy bloom, a good show specimen. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Pish Posh


Bristol's Plum Punch

(Robinson) Very deep plum-red to burgundy with darker overlay. Dark, red-backed foliage. Excellent and very heavy bloomer, easy grower. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Pokey Dot

(Robinson) Bright deep carmine pink with very clear bright yellow throat. Small grower. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Pokey Hontus

(Robinson) Cheerful, deep carmine-pink blooms, distinct, penciled lines from white throat. Always covered in sprays of blooms. Compact grower. (Robs Violets)

Bristol's Pomegranite

(Robinson) Deep cherry-red blooms with lighter frosting on face and broad, pink, borders. Quilted, dark, red-backed foliage. (Robs Violets)

Bristol's Popsicle

(Robinson) this can be a very spectacular plant, especially if grown for show. Deep pink with large, very distinctive red center makes this very eye-catching. Easy grower and heavy bloomer. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Potpourri

(Robinson) Terrific plant, highly recommended for all growers. Deep, shell-pink blooms with very bright, lemon-yellow throat. Lovely, compact, and nicely heavily fragrant! (Robs Violets)

Bristol's Prom Dress

(Robinson) Fully double white carnation blooms with deep pink centers. Heavy bloomer. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Psychedelic Sun

(Robinson) Amazing!! A must-have. Large, light lavender blooms with rose-pink fantasy and large, bright yellow throat. Very unusual, a good grower and bloomer, and mildly fragrant! (Robs Violets)

Bristol's Pucker Up

(Robinson) Deep, velvety, red-red blooms with deeper red veins on white throat. Dark foliage that stays fairly compact.

Bristol's Rare Stone

(Robinson) Semidouble velvety deep burgandy. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Ravishing Ruby

(Robinson) Deep crimson-red with white fading to pink rays emanating from throat, heavily spotted dark red. Dark, red-backed foliage.

Bristol's Red Hot

(Robinson) Great fully double deep blood red blooms for red lovers. Great color. (AGGS register).

Bristol's Red Lava

(Robinson) Want fully double, stick-tite, deep red-red blooms? This is the plant for you! Very heavy and constant bloomer too. It also has a great growth habit the makes it good for show. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Red Plum

(Robinson) Large red-plum flowers with white throat. A chronic bloomer. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Red Typhoon

(Robinson) Wow! Large crimson-red with white throat and netting. Very interesting, sure to be in high demand. A heavy bloomer that just jumps off of the shelf to catch your attention. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Rhubarb

(Robinson) Striking, deep rose-pink flowers with darker rhubarb-red lower petals. An easy-to-grow variety that is always in bloom. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Ribbon Candy

(Robinson) Fully double, bright pink round blooms with dark red veining on white lower throat. Very profuse and constant bloomer, very aptly named. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Ripe Melon


Bristol's Sally Mander

(Robinson) Medium carmine-pink upper lobes, dark purplish-red lower lobes, spritzed with gold "dusting" on face, two yellow "fangs". Mildly fragrant and extremely profuse. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Salt Shaker

(Robinson) Terrific! Very different, but easy to grow. Unusual ocean-blue blooms heavily peppered and streaked in sparkling white fantasy. Nonstop blooms over dark foliage. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Seventh Heaven

(Robinson)Lovely, lightly fringed, sdbl. liliac blooms with large, creamy-yellow throat. Very feminine looking. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Showstopper

(Robinson) Semidouble-double white fluted/very striking deep purple center; petal backs red-purple. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Siren Song

(Robinson) Semi-double, deep hot pink flowers with a wide yellow throat. A striking variety. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Sixth Scents

(Robinson) Rhubarb-red blooms with bright yellow veining in throat. A superior grower and bloomer with pleasantly fragrant blooms! Scented flowers! (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Smelly Cat

(Robinson)Fragrant: Soft, velvety mauve blooms with dark purple throat and two distinctive yellow stripes. Never without blooms and easy grower with large, showy, blooms.

Bristol's Snake Bite

(Robinson)Fully double medium purple blooms with two bright yellow "fangs" showing from center.

Bristol's Snowflake

(Robinson) Frilled, fully double white blooms. Very good and constant bloomer.

Bristol's Snowman

(Robinson) Semidouble white.

Bristol's Solar Wind

(Robinson) Very beautiful plant. Large, light, silvery-blue with dark purple veining on large, very bright, yellow throat. Flat, roundish, foliage grows in nice rosette.

Bristol's Spectacular

(Robinson) Deep carmine pink and lighter pink fantasy. Large growing and good bloomer.

Bristol's Star Light

(Robinson) Very clear, very bright, sdbl. white blooms on dark bloom stems. Compact grower. A must if you're looking for white blooms. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Stardust

(Robinson) Large purple-black blooms with distintive gold glitter salted on lower lobes. Very different. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Static Charge

(Robinson) Lavender purple, with dense "leopard" spots of dark purple on face and on yellow throat. Dark, compact, foliage.

Bristol's Stormy Skies

(Robinson) Large fully double medium lavender-purple, dark netting on lower petals. Very showy. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Sunbeam

(Robinson) A wonderful plant. One of our very best. Large, brilliant white blooms with large, even brighter, yellow throat. You'll need sunglasses! Highly recommended. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Sunset

(Robinson) Large, deep pink with dark maroon streaks on large, very bright yellow throat. Very heavy bloomer. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Surprise Party

(Robinson) Sometimes pink, sometimes blue, often blue with pink fantasy, sometimes pink with blue fantasy, often on the same plant. Always a surprise. Obviously, quite variable. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Suzy Que

(Robinson) Fully double white, medium lilac-blue lower lobes edged in white. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Tally Ho

(Robinson) Large semi-double blooms have top petals of light orchid, lower petals of dark orchid-purple. Medium green foliage. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Tap Dance

(Robinson) Upper petals blush white, tipped purple, lower petals dark purple-red, then edged blush white. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Tie Dyed

(Robinson) Very striking white semi-double blooms, lower petals dark red-purple, edged in white. Has the look of an orchid. Terrific bloomer. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Tiger Lily

(Robinson)Deep rose-pink blooms finely spotted with deep crimson, two yellow 'eyes' on white throat. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Tiger Stripe

(Robinson) Medium purple-orchid/dark purple stripes and spots on white throat fading to yellow. Small grower. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Tractor Beam

(Robinson) Very exotic, dark blue-purple with white throat, and lighter lower lobes heavily spotted with distinctive purple 'leopard' spotting. Fantastic! A must for the collector, and a great grower and bloomer.(Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Tricky Treater

(Robinson) Dark burgandy-black semidouble flowers. Compact foliage. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Tropical Sunrise

(Robinson) HUGE bright red blooms with large, very bright, very yellow, throat. Large grower. Spectacular!

Bristol's Tropical Twister

(Robinson) Large, dark, raspberry-red blooms with darker face, spotted throat. Compact grower, always in bloom. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Very Berry

(Robinson) Fantastic! Large, deep-deep hot rose-pink semi-doubles with dark maroon veining onto lower lobes. Very heavy bloomer, very showy. Large. (AGGS register)

Bristol's Very Best

(Robinson) A stunning variety which has very free flowering, double magenta pink flowers. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Water Bug

(Robinson) Extremely heavy and constant bloomer. Striking, silver-blue upper lobes tipped blue, dark blue lower lobes. Very easy grower recommended for the novice.

Bristol's Whirligig

(Robinson) Single to semi-double blooms with lovely blue to light purple netting. Compact. (AGGS register))

Bristol's Wild Child

(Robinson) Sdbl. deep mauve-purple with some white mottling on upper lobes, white stripes on lower lobes, white petal backs. Always in bloom. A compact grower that's highly recommended. (AGGS register))

Bristol's Woof Woof

A sister plant to Bristol’s Meow Meow, it has semidouble white blooms with dark blue lines and a touch of yellow in throat. Easy grower and bloomer. (R. Robinson’s 2002 print catalog)

Bristol's Xolo

(Robinson) Large, velvety, dark purple-black blooms with two yellow "fangs" on lower throat. Profuse bloomer. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's X-Ray Vision

(Robinson) Another variety sure to be in very high demand. Very dark, blue-purple with lighter rays from throat, silver spotting. Dark, red-backed foliage that stays compact and shapes beautifully (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Yumpin Yimminy

(Robinson) We love this one, it's so adorable! Always with lots and lots of bloom on a very easy to grow plant. Lovely, icy-blue blooms with clear, butter-yellow throat. Long-lasting blooms on great, compact foliage. (Rob's Violets)

Bristol's Zapped

(Robinson) Large, lightly fringed dark, burgundy-red flowers heavily splashed and streaked with bright pink fantasy. (AGGS register)