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A delicates shade of warm, almost purplish, lavender at the margins, slightly lighter towards the center, with seven purple stripes running into the throat tainted with yellow. Shading and spotting between the stripes and the flowers are daintily ruffled along the margin. Penducles typically bear two or three flowers. A relatively compact grower, with leaves seldome exceeding 25 cm in length. (AGGS register)


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) The blackest of all we've seen varieties. Inky purple velvety flowers unusually irregular often terry. Peduncles short, strong. Flowers keep very long due to the dense structure of the petal.


(Dibley hybrid) A sport from Carys. The same excellent habit but with flowers an attractive rose on the lower lobes and pink upper lobes and edging to the lower lobes. A stunning new addition.

Calico Print

(David Thompson) (Serius X Janus), 2003 (1.5" white with violet-purple reticulate venation pattern throughout; small grower; prolific bloomer)

Can Can

(J. Ford) White with heavy burgundy red netting on lower three lobes. Leaves hairy, dark green, 12 cm long x 6 cm wide. (AGGS register)

Canadian Blue

Huge, frilly white blossoms, strongly netted throat of deep blue. Large grower. Medium green foliage. (AGGS register)

Candy Cane

Very light pink with bright yellow 'tongues' extending onto lower three lobes, each lobe also with dark red stripe in center. (AGGS register)

Candy Girl

(Sorano) Delightful white flowers have dark two tone pink streaks and blushing pouring out of the throat onto the bottom lobes. (AGGS register)

Candy Pink

(B. Schwarz) Light pink flowers, yellow throat with deep pink stripes. (AGGS register)

Candy Striper

(J. Pardo) Medium pink with white throat and light burgundy stripes. (AGGS register)

Canterbury Surprise

(M, Gurr) Purple blossom with blackmarkings on lower lobes. Some white in throats. Variegated green and white foliage.

Cape Baby

(Nancy Block) Cape Baby is possibly the smallest of the scented hybrid streps. Blooms very young and continues to do so throughout the year. Blossoms open deep magenta change to rose pink and end up orange- coral. All three colors are usually displayed at once on a mature plant. Petals have a distinctive. ruffled “blown back” look.
Cape Baby starts as a mini-unifoliate, usually budding as a second leaf is formed
It matures as a multi-leafed, very compact grower. It produces viable pollen and has often been a seed parent.

Cape Essence

(David Harley) Large, robust SCENTED strep. It starts as an unifoliate usually with a giant leaf, succeeding leaves will be smaller. It blooms heavily over a long period of time, scent is most prevalent at evening, early morn.

Cape Jewel

Lovely pink tubular flowers with deeper stripes in center. Multi- flowered. (AGGS register)

Cape Jewel

Compact. flowers burgundy, brushed white at center, dark purple stripes (Belisle's catalog)(AGGS register)

Cape Judy

(L. Lyon) Striking violet colored flowers with deep purplish stripes. Plant is multiflowered and just the right size for 3" pots.(AGGS register)

Cape Lynda

(L. Lyon) Pink, tubular flowers with deeper pink stripes in center, textured dark green leaves.(AGGS register)


(J. Ford) Dark blue purple, with deep dark purple splotches on lower three lobes with yellow splotches between the dark purple.(AGGS register)

Captain Blood

Large ruffled red flowers, striped throat.(AGGS register)


(R. Myhr) Mid-blue flowers, lighter blue and slightly more "purplish" than 'Constant Nymph'. Single purple line from throat through the center of the lower lobe. Six other lines may appear faintly, radiating from throat to lower lobes under heavy fertilization.(AGGS register)


(Dibley hybrid) Distinct new flower type. Wavy petals give it a butterfly appearance. The color is a deep pink with white and yellow throat, and like its parent 'Nicola', is very free flowering.


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko)


(Dibley hybrid) This plant has flowers with striking cornflower blue upper lobes with rich pansy purple veining over the lower lobes. A neat upright plant with a tidy rosette of leaves. An excellent multi-flowering variety (2000 introduction).


(Oglevee) Olympus series, Lavender Pink with Dark Lavender Penciling. Oglevee site)

Cat Nap

(N. Block) What you see is what you get - beautiful blossoms, loves to bloom, medium sized - very showy.

Cathedral Window

(David Thompson) (Burgundy X Bristol's Petticoats), 2003 (2.25" light lavender with dark violet venation and solid dark violet throat; upper lobes lighter than lower ones, giving bicolor effect)


Medium pink flowers with whit throat. (Belisle's)


(Dibley hybrid) A mass of small deep rose pink flowers with a white eye. A strong variety with medium sized leaves. (AGGS register)


(J. Ford) Two upper lobes light purple with light lavender throat, lower three lobes purple with deeper purple veining in center. Two very fine yellow lines between the lower lobes, all edges slightly ruffled. (AGGS register)


(Dibley) Very early flowering it will bloom continuously from March to November; this variety has strong stems with a multi-flowering habit and a neat rosette of leaves. (2013 Introduction)

Celestial Guidelines

Blue flowers. Blue and purple lines of different lengths eminate onto all the petals (including the top) from the throat.

Celestial Radiance

(David Thompson) (The King X Bristol's Blue Water), 2005 (2" light blue with deep blue-black veins and with white and deep blue-black striped throat; prolific bloomer)


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko)Cerutti. Huge blue-blue flowers with a yellow throat and strips out of it going on all the petals. Very long holding flowers. 2010


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


CF hybrids by (Tsentr Fialki, Russia) Please see the TsF table. Click Here

Chanel No 5

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Huge peach-pink double flowers with a white throat, walked out dark pink stripes. Infinite and continuous bloom.


(N. Block) Another color changer from Cape Baby. While he produces some streps that start dark and go thru different color changes as they mature, Changeling is the reverse. Starting out white with a few pale throat lines, the blossom adds color and pattern as it develops. Heavy bloomer - small to medium grower. A nice surprise in a compact package. (Cape Baby x Fernwood Minuet)


(K. Jones) Low clean growth habbit. Leaves quilted, green, 7" long x 3" wide with 1/4" petiole, linear, with undulated margin. Corolla salverform 3" long x 2 1/2" wide, bright mauve, dark purple bars in throat. (AGGS register)


(Dibley hybrid) Pale cornflower blue around the edge with a very large yellow eye. The flowers are held on short stems over compact leaves. A very attractive variety. (Intro 2002)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Dibley) This variety produces a tight ball of flowers on relatively short stems, very free flowering with intense deep purple veins over the inky-blue flowers. (2013 Introduction)

Cherokee Charm

(Tim Tuttle)

Cherry Bombe

(N. Braun) - Fringed rose flower with white throat. Very heavy bloomer on a medium-sized plant.

Cherry Cola

(J. Ford) soft red with pink center, dark pink and dark red veins on all segments. (AGGS register)

Cherry Pie

(Sorano) Bright cherry pink flowers are striped upon its white throat in blackish-brown . Large green foliage. (AGGS register)

Cherry Vanilla

(J. Ford) Light pink marked with white and darker pink, lower lobes more intensely marked, white border on lower lobes. (AGGS register)



(Kabanova\Trofimenko, Russia) Auto-series. Very fringed large flower, which color is divided on two parts - blue (the top two petals) and is bright-white (bottom). The throat is left with two dark-lilac strips strengthening contrast. A wrong side of a flower - lilac. Exotic streps, differs early and plentiful.


China Doll

(K. Kapper -UK) Pale pink with yellow throat that fades to white, symmetrical dark pink lines in throat.


(Dibley) A compact variety with narrow leaves, which is a strong grower. This plant has pale pink flowers with rich red-purple veins leading to a yellow throat.

Chorus Girl

(Sorano) Beautiful light pink blossoms have lemon yellow throats and dark maroon striping. Compact green foliage. (AGGS register)

Chorus Line

(J. Ford) Double white with light blue veins on three lower lobes. (AGGS register)

Chorus Line

Semi-double white flowers with red veining. Same as above possibly?(AGGS register)

Chorus Line

Light Pink Flowers, lemon yellow throats and dark maroon striping. Compact foliage. (Belisle's catalog)(AGGS register)


(J. Ellis)

Christian Dior

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Large white flowers with Sinma pattern of the throat. Dense petals, whereby long flowers wither. Strong and short flower stalks, superobilnoe flowering, medium-sized socket.


(Dibley) A compact free flowering variety with exceptionally large deep plum/purple flowers, the stems grow to about 20cm in height and have 6 flowers each (Introduced 2012).

Christmas Eve

(J. Ford) Dark red with darker red veins. Large Rosette.(AGGS register)

Christmas Morning

(J. Ford) Very large deep velvety red with bright yellow throat. (AGGS register)

Christopher Robin

(J. Ford) Light blue veined dark blue, yellow throat.(AGGS register)


(G. Ridderberg) A compact, extremely heavy bloomer. Multi-flowering with dark purple flowers with a magenta-purple bib accenting the lower lobes. Two tiny orange/yellow stripes. Medium green foliage.

Cinnamon Girl

(J. Ford) Cinnamon pink, lower lobes more intensely colored centrally, dark veining with two white stripes on center lobe. Dark green leaves.(AGGS register)


(G. Ridderberg). Lovely small flowers in pale yellow and lilac. Heavy bloomer with many flowers on each stalk.


(Dibley hybrid) Large flowers colored beetroot purple with faint darker veins. Flowers over a long period (2003 introduction).

Claude Monet

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


Cloud Nine

White blossoms have light and medium blue lacy netting in the throat and on lower lobes, and occasionally on the upper petals. A touch of pale rose lavender accents he throat. Medium green foliage. (AGGS register)

Cobalt Nymph

(Broertjes) Mutant of 'Constant Nymph'. Tetraploid habit. Dark blue with darker reticulate venation on lower three lobes. Throat has greenish blotch. (AGGS register)


Come a Gutsa


Light lavender semi-double blooms with a light throat highlighted by deep raspberry rays. (Japanese Hybrid)


(Nancy Block) Confetti has white flowers with heavy purple to red violet lines and netting on lower petals , and a touch of netting on uppers. Blooms heavy for a long period of time. Three - four blossoms per stem., on a medium sized plant.

Constant Nymph

Flowers numerous on long, branching stalks. Moorish blue with creamy throat, deeper violet veins on lower three lobes. It was a popular houseplant in Western Europe and North America. (AGGS register)

A fairly large plant with long flower stalks. The flowers are violet-blue with deper violet veins and with a creamy yellow throat. A John Innes variety. (

Cool Blue Bitsy

(J. Ford) Light blue with lighter, almost white throat, marked with yellow at opening, dark blue veins extended onto lower lobes.(AGGS register)

Coral Comet

(M. Kartuz) New Unique shade of bright coral salmon grandiflora, striped throat. (AGGS register)

Coral Flair

(J. Ford) Coral pink with large yellow blotch in center, white throat, burgundy stripes extending from throat onto lower three lobes. (AGGS register)

Coral Kitten

(J. Ford) Semi-Double coral pink bloom with white thraot touched yellow. (AGGS register)

Coral Kisses

Reddish purple flowers kissed with a few coral fantasy flecks. (

Coral Reef

(Lyon's) Bright coral tubular flower, multiflowered, compact. (AGGS register)

Cornucopia of Love

(J. Ford) Light pink bloom with darker ruffled edges, wine stripes in throat. (AGGS register)


(J. Ford) Light purple pink with maroon veins onto lower lobes, two broad white lines coming from center of throat. (AGGS register)

Country Beau

(Sorano) Pale lavender blue flowers have white throat marked with lemon yellow. A white halo surrounds all 5 lobes and 3 light stripes of dark blue. Compact, medium green foliage. (AGGS register)

Country Girl

(Sorano) Small light pink flowers with pale yellow throats marked with hints of strips. Small foliage of medium green, small compact grower. (AGGS register)


Medium rose bloom with clear yellow throat. (AGGS register)

Cow Patty

(N. Block) Cute as a button. Cape Baby kid of course.

Crackling Rosie

(N. Block) Crackling Rosie turns up the heat with her hot red-magenta blossoms, slightly fringed edges over variegated foliage.


(J. Ford) Semi-double coral pink with dark rose throat bleeding onto lower three lobes. (AGGS register)

Cranberry Velvet

(J. Ford) S. 'White Christmas' x S. 'Silhouette' (AGGS)

Crimson and Clover

(J. Ford) Semi-double, dark deep pink with darker deep pink splashed on lower three lobes, two white stripes in center. (AGGS register)

Crimson Blaze

(Robinson) White frilly flowers have dark red veining and tiny speckles throughout the petals. The throat is white having thin red stripes from the throat out onto the lower petals. Medium green, compact foliage. (User Database)

Crushed Velvet



Crystal Beauty

(Dibley hybrid) This is another excellent variety in the 'Crystal' Series. 'Crystal Beauty' has all the good qualities of its sister variety, 'Crystal Ice', but with cornflower blue flowers and deep purple lines in the throat. A good strong upright variety with narrow leaves.

Crystal Blue Persuasion

(N. Block) Striking color, heavy bloomer, large grower.

Crystal Blush

(Dibley hybrid) A very free flowering rich shell pink. The throat has a white background with deeper pink lines radiating out of it. This plant has the excellent qualities which have become associated with the Dibleys 'Crystal' Series Streptocarpus.

Crystal Charm

(Dibley hybrid) Small flowers of pale blue with a rich inky purple suffusing the lower three lobes. All year-round flowering and a neat compact plant.

Crystal Dawn

(Dibley hybrid) Dainty flowers of pale pink background with purple/violet veining covering the lower three lobes, with slight veining on the top two lobes. Very free, all year-round flowering with narrow strap like leaves.

Crystal Ice

(Dibley hybrid) Outstanding variety. Blue veins over white flowers with each flower stem having between 7-13 flowers.. Narrow leaves. Medium sized plant.

Crystal Snow

(Dibley hybrid) A delicate white flowering variety in the all year flowering 'Crystal' series. A profusion of small flowers held above a rosette of attractive narrow leaves. A medium sized plant giving a spectacular display all through the winter.

Crystal Wonder

(Dibley hybrid) Rich deep purple flowers with a white throat covered in purple lines. All year-round flowering and very prolific. Compact habit with narrow leaves.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Dibley hybrid) A glowing magenta red with short flower stalks. This has many of the excellent qualities of one of its parents 'Tina'.

Curly Fife

(Tsepilov VI) Obtained from pollination streptokarpusy Franken Border Line. White flowers of unusual shape with a semi-enclosed whisk fringed petals resembling tubules. Medium-green broad leaves, compact rosette

Curly Shirley

(N. Block) A new blossom form - very ruffled petals over variegated foliage. Strong grower, dark green leaves, with white mottled variegation.