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bred by Pavel Enikeev (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
Photos from Dimetris website used here with permission.

DS-A Beauty of Mursi (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Large flowers of heavy dark burgundy-to-violet color, fade proof. Oblong form of lower lobe — as well as a «dapple-white» throat coloring — are to produce more personality to that charming variety.

DS-Abrau Durso (498) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Very large over 10 cm (4") textured pastel pink color that associated with transparent thin porcelain. It looks unreal. As far as we know now this color is most tender shade of pink. Rosette is very large. Flowers stalks are long. Growing conditions are standard. Average and maximum size for a 2 year old shrub 18-22 cm The optimal size of the pot for a two-year plant is 18 cm (7"), the maximum is 22 cm (8.5")

DS-Aesthete (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Red background of medium sized flowers varies by darker veining ornament all over the lobs; thin white border revealed along the edges is to introduce a spectacular contrast. Compact strong crown, excellent flowering.

DS-Africa (668) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Color is very saturated and dark. Something between burgundy, cherry and violet. peduncles quite nice and short.

DS-Alexandrite (P. Enikeev, 2009)

The Alchemist series. Appreciably fragrant, large azure flowers change color to tenderly rose tone through days after opening. Crisp darker beams radiate from whiteness of throat do produce a spectacular contrast pattern over the lightweight background. A freely blooming cultivar is generous in giving numerous long-lived flowers.

DS-Alyosha Popovich (615) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Flower 11-12 cm.

DS-Amor Mio (984) (P. Enikeev, 2014)

Huge, scarlet, double, fragrant blooms.

DS-Andromeda Nebula (P. Enikeev, 2009)

One of the utterly double flowered streptocarpus varieties. Heavy netting violet vein décor stands out against a background of pale rose. Mighty flowering from the early stage.

DS-Angelito (271) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Magnificent bouquet of big red nonfading flowers is triumphantly raised by tall strong stems above a neat bright green crown. Best for show variety!

DS-Aphrodisiac (824) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Very tender silivan (Strep Silvia descendant), blossoms are large with dense frills. Rosette is very neat, proportional. "Extremely salt sensitive. I grow this seedling practically in pure sphagnum. You must add at least 50% (better 75%) sphagnum to your regular soil. You also could try to grow it in the orchid soil. It will not grow in rich soil. The edge of the blossom elongates and creates more frills."

DS-April (346) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Very heavy bloomer, fragrant, large blossoms (4.3-5")

DS-Art Deco (P. Enikeev, 2011)

This hybrid has large 8-10 cm (3.25-4) flowers with color pattern in the style of Art Deco. Large rosette has firm, moderately broad leaves. Therefore, this variety requires only one rosette. Very strong, stable peduncles have 3-8 flowers per flowers stem. Therefore, DS-Art Deco easily forms a hat of flowers. This variety is easy to bloom from an early age. It can bloom continuously and abundantly for several months. Therefore, it requires frequent transplantation to prevent exhaustion. Dimetris video.

DS-Aurora (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Good-growing, very floriferous, pale pink!

DS-Avalanche (1288) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Pavel: "Huge white. This seedling attracted my attention when it produced 10 cm (4") flower while been a small plant. I also like its edging.

DS-Azazello (1092) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Very dark and lasting color. Does not fade and are not specks.

DS-Azure (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Big flowers of delicate lilac/blue tone; lower lobs are decorated by darker netting combined with almost black beams contrasting against the bars of yellow. Frilly edge effect becomes prominent as a flower matures. Blooms by shock of flowers over a large sized crown

DS-Baroque (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Double flowered variety of streptocarpus. Thick netting of dark cherry red veins stands out against a background of white. Compact grow habit.

DS-Beloved (P. Enikeev, 2010)

The Alchemist series. Large slightly fragrant flower opens light blue, repainting rose as it matures. Wavy edge, netting decour, spectacular color scheme including a creamy yellow background of lower lobs. Non-stop blossomed variety.

DS-Birth of Typhoon (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Utterly double flowered streptocarpus variety. Plentiful bouquet of lilac/blue medium sized flowers luxuriates over a neat compact bright green crown.

DS-Black Kat (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Heavy dark petunia background is adorned with fine drops of bright rose ‘fantasy’. Large (up to 8 cm) thick petal flowers lifted by firm stems.

DS-Black Magic (001-2)(P. Enikeev, 2009)

The mostly great darkness of red and blue summarizes miraculously in next to nothing but black. Is this not magic?

DS-Blackberry (747) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

DS-Bloody Rose (411) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Very dark red double flowers.

DS-Bonaventure (267-2) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

The best of the Compact series. Deep bordeaux-colored flowers of six lobes look unusually spectacular! Blinding white specks and white edging are a great contrast against a dark background. Compact crown and non-stop flowering. Good grower, excellent bloomer. Flowers about 4cm.

DS-Cat Biggy Mat (1343) (P. Enikeev, 2014)

Pavel: "This seedling probably will be the darkest Fantasy. Very Compact, self-forming rosette. Flowers is 6-7 cm (2.5"). Peduncles are short. Easy bloomer. Darkest hybrids, pigment does not fade with time. Blooms stay for a very long time. Compact rosette, rosette is self-forming, short strong peduncles.

DS-Caucasian Captive (1262) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

It has a good rosette, very strong thick stalks of medium length. Flowers large by 8 cm.

DS-Cheburashka (549) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

This seedling was also interesting for its unusual shape of a flower. edge petals folded inside. This flower has opened a week ago. Usually this region for 3-4 days fully stretched and transformed into a fringe. this same seedling region remained zakruchennm inside tube. petals also have an unusual shape.

DS-Chick (1123) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Pavel: "Flower is three days old. So far, this one has the brightest lemon color I've ever seen. The flower will probably grow a little and fade slightly." Flowers to 7cm.

DS-Circle Skirt (363) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Large blue blossoms with very wavy edges.

DS-Coral Heaven (519) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Fragrant. So far size is 7 cm. Very bright and unusual color of the upper lobes and, of course, frills.

DS-Cranberries in Sugar (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Double flowered, richly blooming variety; medium-sized flowers; bright red-speckled pattern is layered against a pure white background; compact grow habit.

DS-Crazy (882) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Large flowers (3") a lot of frills. Great, strong flower stalks. Flowers are very long lasting.

DS-Crimson Wood (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Excellent red color of wine tint.

DS-Crystal Lace (488) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Beautiful frilly lavendar flowers with yellow lower lobes and purple netting. 8 cm flowers.

DS-Cyanea (735) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Large half full-bloomed fragrant wasp. opadashka not. Sheet moderately wide. It is desirable to grow to one outlet.

DS-Dandy (809) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel:" It looks like that this one will be compact. Peduncles are great and it does not drop flowers easy."

DS-Drama Queen (708) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Flower to 12 cm. Video link Dimetris.

DS-E120 (P. Enikeev)

Carmine color blooms. Continous bloomer. Flowers size to 10cm. Best grown with one crown as leaves can curl heavily as they get older.

DS-Elephant (682) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

10 cm double flowers.

DS-Empire (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Large sized dark burgundy-red velvety flowers netted in even more dark veining lace. Rich multiflorous bouquet majestic rises over big stately crown.

DS-Eternity (1212) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Flowers hold more than a month. average size of 8 cm flowers, but there may be more than 9 cm on the lower edge of the petals almost black. Flowers always hyper-double.

DS-Euphoria (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Fade proof, large bright red flowers ornated with slightly ripple edge effect.

DS-Expression (075) (P. Enikeev, 2009)

One of the utterly double flowered streptocarpus plants. Heavy netting crimson vein décor stands out against a background of pale rose. Mighty flowering from the early stage.

DS-Far Planets Light (063) (P.Enikeev, 2009)

Great big satiny flowers of fathomlessly dark violet close to black color, emphasized emphatically with whiteness of the grace-formed throat. Medium sized neat crown, generous non-stop blossoming.

DS-February (1052) (P.Enikeev, 2013)

Pure white fantasy on blue background, with little yellow spot in the throat.

DS-Felis Jogkini (890) (P.Enikeev, 2012)

First fantasy double. " It is Artsy-Craftsy, with pointy petals that have bestial almost black coloring fantasy. We open the era of double-flowered fantasy."

DS-Femme Fatale (P.Enikeev)

Ruby red hued flowers with white tipped frilly edging. Flowers reach 8-9cm in size.

DS-Fire Mars (145-11) (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Compact series. Fade proof large flowers, blood-red color of rich saturation. Compact strong crown, excellent flowering.

DS-Fireworks (1330) (P. Enikeev, 2014)

Pavel: " Very neat and contrasting fantasy."

DS-First Kiss (925) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel:"Fragrant, Double-flowered, small size blossoms -5-6cm (2+"). Compact rosette, good bloomer, constantly in bloom."

DS-Flamenco (1322) (P. Enikeev, 2014)

Pavel: "Fantasy. Very strong flower stalks. Flowers dressing. The rounded petals. The pigment is very stable."

DS-Flared Bell (P. Enikeev, 2011)

A novelty of flower type: an edging length is 2-3 times more than an overall fllower circumference, that gives flowers a super-wavy appearance. Big in size (7-8 cm), thick in texture, long-lived flowers.

DS-Flirt (359) (P.Enikeev, 2010)

Roulette type blooms only double!

DS-Free Wind (079) (P.Enikeev)

DS-Fringe Fry (104) (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Medium rosette, violet colored blooms with nice fringe. Very easy to grow, constantly blooming. FLower's size is 5-7 cm.

DS-Frippet (799) (P.Enikeev, 2012)

Flower 5-7cm, double silivan.

DS-Gene (681)(P. Enikeev)

Good outlet. Good stalks. Presentable overall appearance. Flowers large 8-9 cm

DS-Gerda Heart (332) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

An impressively huge flower of verily scarlet, cardinal-red color is unrivalled of purity, brightness and saturation! Fragrance is also in character of this beautiful variety, as well as slim stems and neat well-composed crown of bright green leafage.

DS-Giraffe (531) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Huge flowers (11 cm) on thick peduncles. Very strong grower with "fat" chlorophyll rich foliage.

DS-Glamourous Night (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Heavy dark, deep purple background adorned with fine drops of fantasy sparkling magenta colors. Large long-living flowers lifted by firm stems.

DS-Golden Dragon (1139) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

"Semidouble, Flower more than 8 cm. "

DS-Golden Eye (650) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Bright, pink-purple, slightly fringed flowers, deep burgundy throat and markings spill from the troat onto light yellow base. Fragrant. Huge 9cm flower.

DS-Golden Key (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Very large (9cm) bright, contrasty flowers. Peduncles are strong. Has xerophytic gene. In case of Streptocarpus it means that this hybrid could montain turgor for a few days after the soil completely dry.

DS-Good Mood (393) (P.Enikeev, 2010)

Large double-flowered blossom with bright netting. All flowers 2.75".

DS-Green Beard (857) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

"From these crossing we have many seedling that have flowers with green edges, but after 3-5 days these green edhes become yellow. Only this one retains green"

DS-Gulf Stream (751) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

"A great rosette. Excellent flower stalks. Very contrasting colors, similar to Geromino. The yellow color is very bright. Flower size 10 cm At the moment, this seedling is the best among our LARGE silivans. (Silivans usussally are quite small) Most of all I like the rosette. Very dark green leaf with a good density of chlorophyll. Rosette is very neat."

DS-Gulliver (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Huge 11cm flowers of vinous brownish color; slightly wavy lob edges; tall stems.

DS-Gypsy Whirl (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Large flowers open light lilac/blue, in the course of maturing become utterly saturated purple. A character feature of the variety is extremely dark color of throat contrasting with radiance of bright yellow. Wonderingly colorful, rich flowering bouquet with strong stems!

DS-Harlequin (1127) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

"This fantasy color does look similar to the hybrid Spin Art. Flower size is 8 cm (3"+).

DS-Hawaiian Party (368) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

This hybrid is one of our first hyper-double flowers with each flower being approximately 5-7 cm (2-2.75�) in size. These flowers are never single, always looking like flashy pom-poms. The background of the flower is white with splashes of reddish purple all throughout. In a warmer environment, the colorful design becomes blurry and might blend in with the natural white color of the flower turning it into pastel pink. Therefore the flower looks the best in lower temperatures up to 20�C (68�F) The rosette is medium in size with narrow but long leaves. For these plants, you can leave up to 5 rosettes. Pedancles are long and with higher temperatures they might drop.

DS-Himalayas (942) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Very large powerful outlet. Flowers are also very large. now at 10-11 cm Peduncles powerful, so the colors are not lying. Color is very beautiful, very clean gentle.

DS-Horus (626) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Blooms are big - 7-9 cm (2.75-3.5�). Flowers are very open and have beautiful shape - almost perfect radial symmetry � the petals are similar in size and shape. Flowers are bright yellow with wide pink fringe all around the petals. Throat has dark burgundy color. The bright yellow color shows best when nights are cool. This variety bloom early and may bloom throughout the lifespan in excess of 12 hours of daylight.

DS-Hypnosis (1315) (P. Enikeev, 2014)

Very beautiful fantasy with flower shape is similar to the DS-The Deep.

DS-Imp (892) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel:" I think it will be very compact streps. I love it. It is very dark, almoust black. Buds coming one after another."

DS-In Lace (739) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel:"Flowers are not large - 7 cm (2.5") Pigment is resistant to fading. Blossom are wide open. This is important for silivans. Background is pure white without pink or yellow tint"

DS-In The Wind (512) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Very strongly fragrant flower. As many fragrant variety this one slightly changes the color during the life of the flower to soft peachy tint. Flowers are 8 cm (2-3") in size. Leaves create accurate medium size rosette. Flowering potential of this hybrid can be the envy of many varieties.

DS-It's A Boy (1266) (P. Enikeev, 2014)

DS-January (1316) (P. Enikeev, 2014)

Pavel: "Very strong peduncles have many flower on them. Beautiful wavy, fringe edging"

DS-Jive (030) (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Large double purple/white veined flowers with pearl luster sputtered all over the thick petal surface. Compact crown, gladly rich flowering.

DS-Joy (1164) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Pavel: " First bloom. It has a very contrasting edging. Yellow color is much better, brighter in real life."

DS-Kai's Heart (257) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Large violet flowers with darker veining; throat is white, so is back side of petals. These flowers are unforgettable for their frilly ornate edge: striking sharpness of goffered border creates an impression of snow-flake!

DS-Kalahari (754) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Good stalks. Bright colors. Quite neat foliage.

DS-Kata Tjuta (755) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

"Strong peduncles, large blossoms (3.5") which has wavy form. And, of course very prolific flowering. Rosette is large and strong."

DS-Lacy Cloudlet (238) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

An outstanding variety for its flower type! Lob edges are formed by way of wide frill or flounce, what creates an impression of flowers to look as one bunch of laces. Lovely shade of light blue-lilac, non-stop blossoming, short firm stems, compact grow habit.

DS-Ladies' Logic (344) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Large fragrant flower changes color from bright rose to saturated scarlet, in the course of time getting a delicate shade of orange. This one can be declared the most ‘warm’ of all known of streptocarpus varieties! Flowers 8 cm.

DS-Lava of Love (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Fade proof, impressively big flowers of bright, saturated coloring: dense red-speckled pattern is layered against a pure white background, but let alone edges to form a distinct white border. Environment resistant, utterly double flowered, richly blooming variety.

DS-L'épatage d'Alchimie (078) (P. Enikeev, 2008)

The Alchemist series.Large white fragrant flowers; yellow splashes contrast with the deep beaming throat ring, changing color from blue violet to purple crimson. Environment resistant, richly flowering cultivar.

DS-Legend (492) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Legend has a dark red wine hyper double flower. The flower has so many petals that it more looks like a rose than a Streptocarpus. Each flower is formed by the merging of several flowers. If you cut the flower in half you could see the multiple pistils. To our knowledge this is the largest double Streptocarpus (7-9cm, 2.75-3.5 ")

DS-Lena (706) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Very double-flowered silivan (Silvia descendant). This flower�s pigments are very resistant and do not fade with time. It is medium-sized, lasts very long, and withstands transport very well.

DS-Lena Deluxe (1012) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel:"It has bright beautiful saturated contract colors. Rosette is compact, accurate. It shows a good flowering potential. Blossom are not large, about 6 cm.

DS-Little Cherry (1216) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Almost like Bonaventure, but darker and more contrast. Very compact.

DS-Little Furry Arctic Fox (290) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Greatly dark, heavy deep wine background adorned with fine drops of fantasy sparkling bright rosy colors. Large long-living flowers lifted by firm stems.

DS-Little Rose (1011) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

P:" Flower size is 7.5cm (3"). For hyper-double flowered variety is a good size. Like in rose the inner petals keep growing and make the blossom fuller. Older blossom looks better than younger one. So far I like practically everything in this new hybrid. Rosette is very neat, exactly the way I like."

DS-Little Plushy Arctic Fox (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Deep tone of dark petunia background is veined with netting, marked with speckles, adorned with fine drops of bright rose ‘fantasy’. Large (up to 8 cm) thick petal flowers lifted by firm stems.

DS-Living Fire (P.Enikeev, 2010)

One of the most beautiful red streps. Saturated dark-red flowers with a wavy lobs outlined by contrast white edging border; generous blossoming backed by tall firm stems.

DS-Love Maiden (1442) (P. Enikeev, 2015)

Very similar to DS-Avalanche. Rosette is better in terms of self-formation and flower stalks are stronger.

DS-Lush Beauty (365) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Also known as "Luxuriant Beauty". A striking variety with huge (9-10cm) flowers of a fashionable wavy type. A lilac-blue top color is in delicate confrontation with yellowish bottom one accentuated by bumpy veining and dark strips.

DS-Margarita (503) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

This variety would be a great exhibition plant. It easily creates a lot of flowers (hat of flowers) from a young age. Young blossom look simple, but with time the edge of the flower grows and the flower acquires wonderful frilly shape with a diameter up to 12 cm (4.75").

DS-May Evening (1354) (P. Enikeev, 2014)

Pavel: "Very bright seedling. Pigments are stable, do not fade. Flowers are large for fantasy - 7-9 cm (3")."

DS-Meteor Shower (1008) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Silivan fantasy. Pavel:" I think this one will be compact. I like its blue color. It is pure blue like Tompson's Night Edition."

DS-Mini (1067) (P. Enikeev, 2014)

Pavel: "This fantasy seedling is very small. Rosette is tiny. Leaves grow no more than 15 cm long, usually 10 cm (4") Flowers are beautiful and plant constantly in bloom. It should grow in a pot no more than 7 cm (3") in diameter".

DS-Mohair Flower (812) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel: "Very beautiful fluffy silivan. Everything is fluffy: leaves, bud, flowers, peduncles. I also see good flowering potential." fluffy=hairy

DS-Monet's Garden (1129) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Silivan fantasy.

DS-Mozart (773) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

5" flowers. Silivan decendant.

DS-Mysticism (040) (P. Enikeev, 2009)

The Alchemist series. Distinctly fragrant, huge flowers open azure, repainting rose in a couple of days.
This is mysticism!

DS-Naomi (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Huge flowers of vinous brownish color, large sized crown.

DS-Night Lights (548) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

This fantasy Streptocarpus has a deep, dark purple background that appears black in most conditions. It is highlighted by streaks of magenta and flecks of purple from which it gets its name. The flowers are 6-7 cm in size.

DS-Njord (1161) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Pavel: "I named this hybrid DS-Njord. Scandinavian God Njord is similar to Slavic God Striborg. DS-Njord is different from DS-Striborg only by form and pattern of bloom that similar to silivans. Since Sylvia came from Denmark I named it DS-Njord." Pavel: "It is also a little darker than DS-Stroborg."

DS-November (1080) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Blue/lavander fragrant fantasy. Blossom size is about 2.5"

DS-Pearl Cloudlet (238-2) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

One more outstanding flower type! Lob edges are formed in kind of wide frill or flounce, what creates an impression of flowers to look like one bunch of laces. Lovely shade of light blue-lilac color; non-stop blossoming; short firm stems;
compact grow habit.

DS-Pink Dream (1198) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Alchemist: "I like it. It is double flowered hybrid with light aroma. Size of the flowers 7.5 cm (3") is good for double flowered variety. Rosette is accurate."

DS-Play with Fire (P. Enikeev, 2010)

Fade proof, large blood-red flowers of rich saturation. Lovely netting ornament, elegant fringe along the edges.
Strong crown, excellent flowering.

DS-Plitvice Lakes (867) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel: "This one will be the compact one. It looks like DS-Flirt, but it is blue. Flowers are small - 4.5 cm (~2")".

DS-Polar Summer (P. Enikeev, 2010)

The Alchemist series.Large flowers do obviously change color from pale lilac to warm rose; soft yellow background of throat does contrast with dark beams coming from it.
Environment resistant, richly flowering variety.

DS-Popcorn (1176) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Compact medium-sized semidouble.

DS-Rainbow (1174)(P. Enikeev, 2013)

DS-Rabbit Coast (856) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel:" This seedling is medium-sized silivan (Streptocarpus Silvia's descendant). Although it is a silivan, flowers do not fall off easily. It is a good bloomer, it has excellent flower stalks. It forms nice rosette. The edge is green when flower is opening up. Then it stretches and becomes red fringe. Flowers have very neat form with rounded petals. Coloring has high contrast and very bright. Flower size is medium 6 cm. I guess I am used to size 9-12 cm (4+") and for a long time was observing this seedling. However, each time I saw it, it attract my attention as a very aesthetic specimen."

DS-Resolve! (1407) (P. Enikeev, 2015)

Fantasy. Very large semi-double flowers. Flowers now for 8-9 cm. Peduncles strong.

DS-Rococo(P. Enikeev, 2009)

Snow whiteness of big textured flowers is bordered with frilly edge; delicate light blue netting is combined with more pronounced violet beams emanating from yellow throat. Blooms by shock of flowers. Environment resistant.

DS-Roulette Sophia (200-2) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

This hybrid grows very quickly. Saturation of color does depend on soil and fertilizer.

DS-Roxolana (904) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel: "This seedling is fragrant and hyper double-flowered. (Hyper polypetalous). Size is 6-6.5 cm (~2.5") It has the same color combination as DS-Temptation. Differences are: it is smaller, it flowers better, it has more additional petals. "

DS-Royal Gown (302) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

A slashing variety for its flower size (9-11 cm) and color: heavy dark saturated ‘burgundy’ tone effected with a luster of silky surface.

DS-Raspberry Belle (P. Enikeev)

Bright raspberry color. Direct translation "Raspberry Ringing".

DS-Sahara(P. Enikeev)

Strong peduncles. Flowers huge all 9-10 cm easily. Hold quite well. Rosette also quite harmonious.

DS-Scarlet Flower (1185) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Pure scarlet flowers on strong peduncles. Striking to behold. A ticking inside the white throat give some "flavor". Flowers smaller at 6 cm.

DS-Scarlet Sails (087) (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Medium sized coral red flower with a slender white edging border; generous blossoming backed by stumpy firm stems.

DS-Sea Eagle(P. Enikeev, 2009)

Heavy deep tone of violet color gets verily black when a flower opens. Thin glaringly white border is revealed along the edges of lower lobs. Long-lived large flowers of thick tissue are remarkable for their specific oblong shape of lobes.

DS-Semargl (1292) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Alchemist: "This seedling is fantasy. It is dark burgundy silivan with dark red fantasy throughout petals". Double.

DS-Shake (148) (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Hyper double-flowered Silivan. Blossoms - 7 cm (2 3/6").

DS-Siberia (148) (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Huge violet-to-black flowers with wide frilly brim; fade proof pigment; strong stems are sure to maintain a load of flowers. Wealth and grandeur, — this is Siberia!

DS-Silvery Streams(P. Enikeev, 2009)

Graceful shape of large wavy edged flowers perfectly satisfies the delicate color spectrum of pale lilac, freaked with dark beams emitting from the creamy soft throat.
Large sized crown, rich flowering.

DS-Simargl(P. Enikeev)

Flower 8cm.

DS-Skyscraper(P. Enikeev, 2009)

A multiflorous bouquet of huge ‘alchemical’ flowers is pompously raised by tall strong stems above a large crown. A color change from light blue to rose isn’t well-defined, but the fragrant is extremely strong and distinct.
Environment and disease resistant, bloom untiring variety.

DS-Solar Eclipse (870) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Flowers are 8 cm.

DS-Sovereign of Night (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Large flowers of highly saturated ‘burgundy’ color nuanced with a lovely velvet surface effect. A thin white frilled border of lobs is to produce a glaring contrast with the darkness of primary tone. Environment resistant, non-stop blossoming variety of fade proof flowers.

DS-Stained (252) (P. Enikeev)

DS-Steppenwolf (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Huge flowers of impressive ‘burgundy’ color. A pare of yellow ‘fangs’ in throat is to produce a kind of ‘predatory’ scent! Excellent blossoming, compact grow habit.

DS-Strawberry (304) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

A showstopper on every expo! Large flowers of impressively bright red-speckled pattern layered against a pure white background. Generous blossom, compact grow habit.

DS-Stribozh (Striborg?) (1141) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

Pavel: "It opens today. Flower size is 6 cm (2"+)

DS-Sultan (P. Enikeev)

Scented. Flower opens light pink with purle markings with blooms turning a warmer pink as it ages and markings turning rose color.

DS-Sunny Hare (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Large wavy edged flowers of tender blue tone look fragile, as they include a contrast of sharp darker beams emitting from the yellow soft throat. Graceful flower type is especially characterized with a peculiar oblong shape of lobes.
It looks like hare-eared one!

DS-Take Me Now(P. Enikeev, 2009)

Pavel Enikeev: “This is one of the best red streptocarpus varieties I’ve ever seen”.� Compact series. Pure dark red color of flowers is greatly saturated. Environment resistant pigment does preserve itself independently of any conditions. Red background varies by darker leopard type ornament. Wavy edge, slightly fluffy surface of lobes. Neat, compact crown of short oval leaves is disease resistant. Strong flower stems, gladly blooming.

DS-Temptation (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Big flowers of pure red saturated color. This is verily red! Glossy silk of lobe surface is goffered into an elegant edge trim. Strong, medium sized crown produces excellent blossoming.

DS-Temptation (Alure) (425) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Fragrant, very large, very thick petals.

DS-Tender Angel (328) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

A background of elegant blend of light blue, tenfer lilac and soft beige colors is in perfect agreement with an overall netting decour and wavy lob edges. A skittish auburn-green edging is a characteristic feature of these different flowers, — large, long-lived ones.

DS-Tenderness (512) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

This variety is true to its name. Large (8-10 cm) flowers emit a sweet aroma. Young flowers are pink but acquire a peach tint with age. A light -- almost white -- border adds even more sweetness. Flowers have a heavy, fleshy texture and are long-lasting. Peduncles (stems) are thick, strong and robust, of optimal length, and can hold 5-7 blooms.

DS-The Cardinal (P. Enikeev, 2009)

A striking variety with large (9-10cm) flowers of verily saturated purple color, which is delicately mixed with deep violet and burgundy tones. Darker lines on the creamy white throat are in perfect agreement with an overall color scheme. Long-lived flowers, strong chunky stems, compact crown.

DS-The Deep (805) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel:" Blossoms size is good (more that 3") dark violet color. Rosette is very accurate, neat, short rounded leaves. Flower stalks emerge one after another.

DS-The King (181) (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Large raspberry /white veined flowers excel with frilly ornate edge of thick petals.

DS-The Master (1334) (P. Enikeev, 2014)

Pavel: "This seedling is one of the best fantasy. Flowers are almost black with contrasting bright purple fantasy. Petals are thick. Beautiful frilly edge. Flowers do not fall down easily. Self-forming accurate rosette. Plant is constantly in bloom. So far I don't see any disadvantage."

DS-The Red and The Black (607) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Near black background with red fantasy. Average size blossom.

DS-Thunderhead (220-2) (P. Enikeev, 2010)

An impressive variety with extremely large (13 cm) flowers of a gracefully wavy lobe form. Color saturation of lilac, added with deep violet and burgundy tones, is in harmony with the darker purple lines on the creamy white throat. Extremely long-lived flowers of thick lobes; strong chunky stems, compact mighty crown.

DS-Umka(1427) (P. Enikeev, 2015) (?Watch for English Name Update?)

Mini white with a pleated edge.

DS-Une Femme d'Aventure (P. Enikeev, 2009)

The Alchemist series. Large fragrant flowers open lilac blue, repainting rose by the time they mature. Utterly wavy edge, netting decour, spectacular color scheme including a creamy yellow background of lower lobs. Gladly blossomed variety.

DS-Valkyrie (P. Enikeev, 2009)

The way a valkyrie image comes into being out of the snowy remoteness of Scandinavian Mythology, so does a color of black blood born in the white crater of these majestic flowers: it weaves a web of temptation in a form of fine netting to spread over the red background.

DS-Volcano of Passions (41) (P. Enikeev)

DS-Want and Will (1303)(P. Enikeev 2013)

Pavel "Semi double, very unusual form and color combination. Pedunles are thick and strong. Rosette is accurate. Flowers stay for a very long time (more than a month) That enable this hybrid to create the hat of flowers"

DS-Watercolor (1118)(P. Enikeev, 2013)


DS-Waterfall (723) (P.Enikeev, 2012)

It is semi-double which always resistant to falling. Peduncles are strong. Rosette is compact with thick leaves. Flowers size is 7cm. It allows to grow the "hat" (a lot ) of flowers.

DS-White Dance (1248) (P. Enikeev, 2013)

White Compact Semi-double

DS-White Gold (796) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel:" Blossoms stay for a long time. For silivan (DS-796 is a silivan) it is very good, since usually all silivans drop flowers very easily. Blossom are not large, only 7 cm (2.75") Frills are great. I like the form of the blossoms.

DS-Winnie the Pooh (DS-Pooh) (1380) (P. Enikeev, 2015)

Black Fantasy

DS-Winter Way (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Large (6,5-7cm) wavy flowers of bright lilac/blue color blend; natural presence of dark violet netting on the lower lobs; a center area is decorated with a contrast almost black speckled pattern.

DS-Women (810) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Fantasy. Very clean and vibrant. Rosette has tendency to multiply.

DS-Yarilo (602) (P. Enikeev, 2011)

Bright crimson color with a yellow throat, great strong stocky rosette, lovely sturdy stalks. Huge (up to 5") flowers open to an attractive flat shape.

DS-Yellow Eye Night (148-2) (P. Enikeev, 2009)

Great big, deep violet flowers decorated with even more dark veining pattern; a thick textured surface of lobes is emphasized with their pronounced fringed borders. A paleness of the moon-looking “eye” is saturated with rich yellow streaks of color.

DS-Young Lady (1034) (P. Enikeev, 2012)

Pavel:" This seedling is silivan , very large, fragrant. It also change color to peach as it age. Flowers stalks are very strong and tall. In contrast to the other silivans it hold flowers for a very long time.

DS-526(P. Enikeev)

Not distributed due to easy flower detachment.

DS-767 (P. Enikeev)

DS-775 (P. Enikeev)

Medium-sized 5-6 cm (about 2") silivan decendent. Flowers well, grows well. Seemingly already chock-full of blooms. Flowers very resistant to falling off. So easily forms a "cloud" of colors. Rosette perfectly formed, is not exhausted.

DS-1191 (P. Enikeev)

DS-1209 (P. Enikeev)

DS-1217(P. Enikeev)

DS-1262(P. Enikeev)

DS-1288 (P. Enikeev)

DS-1356 (P. Enikeev)

More pictures and other information are available: