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Easter Bonnet

(J. Ford) Deep pink with yellow center and random splashes of light pink or white that vary in size and shape. Dark green compact rosette. (AGGS Register)

Easter Parade

(J. Ford) Double deep reddish-pink with a bit of white edging . (AGS Register)


(Oglevee) Galaxy series, Sky blue with white throat and dark blue penciling.(Oglevee website)


(J. Ford) Bright rose bloom with burgundy and white markings in throat. (AGGS Register)

Edged Blue

( Lyons) Has wonderful dark blue/purple blooms that are edged in a truer blue color. The throat has 2 yellow stripes with an above white throat.

Edmund (7050)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Edward Steichen

(G. Gessert)

EF-Scythian Gold

(M. VI Gritsulya, Ukraine) Bright - yellow flowers (6 cm) with a white border. Throat out maroon rays of different width, lighter on the upper petals. Abundant flowering. Very bright grade!

EF-Violet Bouquet

(M. VI Gritsulya, Ukraine) Bright streptokarpusy! Abundant and early flowering.


In Welsh Eira means snow. Semi double white flowers with a hint of mauve on the lower petals. (Dibleys site)


(Mikkelsen's list) Carmine flowers with white and yellow streaking from throat. Medium green compact foliage. (AGGS Register)

Elfin Etchings

(David Thompson) I introduced this cultivar because it is a miniature with a strong color pattern, a rarity among streps. The small, azure flowers have dark, radiating lines around the dark throat. The flowers are borne in dainty sprays above the leaves, and the stems are not as long as those of most other miniatures, making for a better display. The plant grows 7-10 inches wide. (2012; Crystal Charm X Celestial Guidelines).


(B. Schwarz) Large deep salmon-pink flowers of excellent substance. Free flowering, sturdy grower. (AGGS Register)



(F. Davies) Mauve blue with three distinct black markings coming out of the throat, yellow in between. (AGGS Register)


Vibrant velvelty cherry-pink flowers with a soft blush pink on the upper lobes. The upper tips revert to the darker cherry-pink. The unusual reflexed lobes are very remininscent of a Sweet Pea or Orchid. (

Ellen's Dream

(W. Hutchinson) Light blue with a blue-striped white throat. (AGGS Register)



Large flowers of the deepest purple with two small yellow flashes at the center. (AGGS register)

Elusive Butterfly

(Susan Turner) Elusive Butterfly is a product of the crosswords seed fund, hybridized by Susan Turner of New Zealand (ST-04-07) combing sp.Candidus and sp.Vandeleuri. It is a large, vigorous grower with pale lavender flowers, white throat and lower petals scored with slight, darker lines on lower petals. It produces 5-7 long lasting blossoms per stem. It has a a pleasing fragrance that differs from that of the Vandeleuri hybrids.


(Barbara Clark) "The bloom is very textured with the white sections being lower than the colored sections. However, when you look at the photo of the bloom, you will swear there are things sticking out all over that bloom (reminds me of feathers). It's just an optical illusion. The bloom has texture melding with dark veining that fools the eye."


(Dibley hybrid) Pale pink/lilac edges. Bright yellow throat. Charlotte sport.


(Dibley hybrid) Free flowering variety with phlox petals with ruby pencilling on it's lower three petals. 1999 introduction.

Engine Fire House

(J. Ford) Brilliant velvety red, white throat with red stripes. Also sold as 'English Red'. (AGGS Register)

Enter Laughing

(Nancy Block) Red violet abundant, long lasting flowers, darker veining on all petals, with feathered edges. Compact, rosette form dark green leaves with light red backing. Easy keeper.

Epupa Falls

(J. Truter)


(Oglevee) Olympus series, flower color purple, flower size small, growth habit compact.


(Oglevee) Olympus series, white with heavy pink veining


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Large flowers sky blue with dark stripes on yellow throat. Lower petals - cream color. Blossoms willingly. Medium-sized.

Escada Magnetism

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) 2011


(Nancy Block) A "scented " candy pink strep with red markings spilling from throat. Easy grower and bloomer, smaller than its scented seed parent(Cape Essence). Medium green leaves form a loose rosette.


(Nancy Block) Possibly the first of the scented, variegated hybrid streps. Escentual has large blossoms over very dark green & white mottled variegation. Medium to large grower, mildly scented.


(Hunter) Purple blue, yellow throat. Compact. (


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Eva (6008)

(Piotr Klesczynski) Poland. White upper lobes. Purple netting overlays pale yellow lower lobes.


(Dibley) This stunning flower has everything; ruffles, veining, strong colour contrasts. A free flowering plant with an upright habit. Bred at Dibleys.

Evening Sky

(Poland) Dark dark purple. Almost black.

Exotic Lady

(N. Braun) 2" flowers with pink upper lobes. Rose colored lower lobes with deeper rose netting and hints of yellow speckling. Two bright yellow striations from a white throat. 4-6 flowers/bloomstalk.


(N. Braun) Fringed lavender upper lobes; light yellow lower lobes with strong deeper lavender netting.

Eye Of The Storm

(N. Block)