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(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Strongly serrated dark purple flowers with white mesh pattern on the lower petals. Crowd favorite!

Faithful Squire

(M. Clive) Purple, dark blue and white. (

Fall Fresco

(K.Estridge) Large, slightly ruffled blossoms in a stunningly vibrant raspberry red that is then highlighted with a very unusual dusting of cream on the three lower lobes, and tiny dots of cream on the lower throat color. The throat is bright white with lines of deep red that extend outward onto all the lobes, with deeper coloration on the bottom edge of the throat. Very heavy bloomer with strong growing medium sized foliage.

Falling Stars

This produces vast numbers of small dainty sky blue flowers. (AGGS Register)

Fancy Frills

Frilly white, netted rose pink. (Kartuz)

Fancy Pants

No Description


(M. Kartuz) Extra large deep pink flowers striped and netted red. (AGGS Register)


(J. Ford)Dark purple red with maroon veining on all lobes, white stripes in throat. (AGGS Register)


(N. Block) Lovely dilute, fantasy blossoms.

Fashion Statement

(David Thompson) The wrinkled, crepe-like texture and almost fringed edges of the petals of this cultivar make it special. The contrast and precision of the blue netting, especially towards the edges of the petals, is also outstanding. This is a heavy bloomer, like both of its parents, and has larger flowers than my other streps with a similar color combination. Most importantly, the intense color does not fade. (2010; Guidelines X Purple Panda).

Featherd Silk

(David Thompson) The white flowers of this cultivar have a purple suffusion that spreads outward from the throat onto all of the lobes of the flower and almost to the petal edges, with darker purple veining throughout. This looks very much like my 'Tattoo' on steroids, as it has much larger flowers yet a similar pattern, and grows into a bigger plant. It blooms heavily and presents its flowers beautifully in outward-facing clusters. (2010; Inky Convergence X Tattoo).

Feathers on Ice

(David Thompson) (Burgundy X Sunsweet), 2003 (2" white with seven distinct red-purple lines running through yellow throat floor and feathering out onto bases of the three lower lobes)



(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Femme Fatale

(N. Braun) - Fringed white flower with dusting of yellow on upper lobes. Raspberry and yellow throat spilling onto lower lobes. Darker raspberry netting on lower lobes; trace on upper lobe edge.


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko)


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Dark red, velvety very large flowers with long petals. This variety has a soul. He burning, flaming.


(Kabanova\Trofimenko, Russia) Auto-series. Deep, very bright aniline color double flowers with pink throat and dark blue lines. On petals - interesting small "warts". Two to five blooms per stalk, early blossoms and very plentifully blossoms.

Fernwood's Bam Bam

(Lee Stradley) A compact plant, with double dark pink blooms, with magenta stripes radiating out over the lower three petals. Multiple flowers per peduncle on low stems.

Fernwood's Cherries Jubilee

(Lee Stradley) White flower with dark magenta center, flaring out to the edge of the petals, 2 yellow lines overlay the magenta center.

Fernwood's Covered Dish

(Lee Stradley) Two tone lavender flowers with double centers. Up to five to a stem. Possibly EXPIRED. If anyone is growing this one please let us know.

Fernwood's Fairy Princess

(Lee Stradley) Light pink with dark red stripes in the center with light yellow in between them.

Fernwood's Jiminy Cricket

(Lee Stradley) single purple flowers with purple stripes then white in throat, short flower stems, with many per stem. Very compact plant. (Bristol's lily white x South African Variety Little Gem)

Fernwood's Minuet

(Lee Stradley)

Fernwood's Mister Whiskers

(Lee Stradley) Flat white flowers with dark pink streaks, dark pink flaring out from the center, fading into white.

Fernwood's Morning Sunrise

(Lee Stradley) (Something special x self) Light pink on the outer petals, light yellow center, dark pink on the lower 3 lobes with dark pink veins almost out to the edge of the petals.

Fernwood's Muff Muff

(Lee Stradley)

Fernwood's Pebbles

(Lee Stradley) Very compact double pink, with a few red lines in the center under the extra petal. Short stems. Very cute. (Bristol's lily white x South African Variety Little Gem)

Fernwood's Silhouette

(Lee Stradley)

Fernwood's Surprise Party

(Lee Stradley) (Bristol's Party girl x Canterbury Surprise) Medium lavender flower with darker lavender stripes in the throat with a hint of yellow.

Fernwood's Virginia Bluebells

(Lee Stradley) Light lavender blue flowers with a white center, very slight darker blue lines, multiple flowers per stem.

Festival Wales

A large spectacular flower with violet upper petals and rich purple lower petals. (AGGS Register)


(J. Ford) Pale lavender pink, white throat marked dark yellow. (AGGS Register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Fine Wine

(Sorano) Extreamly dark burgundy, rich and velvety in appearance. Darker burgundy to near black striping is evedent in the throat, accented with two golden yellow dots at the base. Medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(A John Innes variety) Magenta pink, no pronounced dark blotch or distinct veins. Eye white. (AGGS Register)

Fire and Ice

(David Thompson) The large, white flowers of this cultivar are heavily overlaid with red mottling. The petals spread evenly, making the flowers star-shaped. The free-blooming plant is compact and small, usually less than 12 inches wide. This cultivar is sister to 'Web of Intrigue,' which is nearly identical except for color. (2007; Starry Night X Stained Glass).

Brilliant, dark ruby-red with white speckling and mottling. Quilted foliage. (


(Sorano) Very deep red flowers. Upon being fully open, a distinct, dark red halo appears. The upper throat is white, lower throat is painted a solid deep maroon, extending down upon the lower lobes, medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)


(J. Ford) Medium lavender blue bloom with dark purple stripes in throat. (AGGS Register)


(J. Ford) Ruffled edges, white with red veining on three lower lobes, deep red center. (AGGS Register)


(Sorano) White blossoma have deep fuchsia netting and veining on the lower three lobes. (AGGS Register)

First Love

(J. Ford) Deep lavender, with light pink, purple and blue splashes on every petal, every flower marked differently, yellow throat. (AGGS Register)

Fleischle 011

(Midi series)Warm, dark-blue bloom color with salient design. Despite the bloom abundance very good durability in the case of transport and in the summer.(

Fleischle 016

(Midi series)A variant to ' Marleen ' with purpurfarbenen blooms. Strong stature for strong plants. (

Fleischle 069

(Midi series)A color novelty in violet blue with salient dark-blue design. Very compact structure with nevertheless strong stature.(

Fleischle 070

(Midi series)Basic colour like ' Marleen ', however with dark center. Minted compact structure. Smaller bloom on strong, short handle. Still more single flowers at the handle. (

Fleischle 076

(Midi series)Warm darkviolet - a beautiful, noble colour. Very fresh, wuechsige sheet color. Trains remarkably many sheets. (

Fleischle 078

(Midi series)Pelican-blue with dark design and yellowish white throat. Very compact structure and short sheets. Smaller bloom on strong, short handle. Many single flowers at the handle.(

Fleischle 080

(Midi series)Central blue. Very compact stature by a multiplicity of short leaves. Medium sized blooms in clear color with yellow throat, which forms a pleasant contrast. Older blooms fade less than with the predecessor ' Rio Grande '. (

Fleischle 083

(Midi series)Tender-pink with dark, high-contrast design. Ideally as partners to ' Marleen ', ' Pallas ' and ' Marina '. (

Fleischle Amanda

Bright rich blue flowers with a darker centre. (Dibley)
(Marleen series) Basic color like ` Marleen ', however with dark center. Compact structure. Smaller bloom on strong, short stems. (

Fleischle Ambiente

(Marleen series) Dark red, medium sized bloom. Remarkably short compact leaves and short bloom stalks. (

Fleischle Arosa

(Marleen series) A sport from ' Amanda ' with the same outstanding characteristics. (

Fleischle Bianca

(Marleen series) Pure white without design. Wonderful bloom abundance with very good durability. (

Fleischle Catania

An attractive pale pink with deeper markings into the throat.
(Marleen series) Pink design on white Petals. (

Fleischle Denim

A very aptly named plant, the upper lobes are the colour of washed denim, whilst the lower section is a true indigo blue. Exceptionally free flowering on a medium sized plant.(

Fleischle Diva

(Marleen series) Salmon colors. Strong healthy plants. (

Fleischle Domino Blue

(Domino series) (

Fleischle Domino Pink

(Domino series) (

Fleischle Genesis

(Marleen series) Warm clear blue with dark center. Strong growing with large leaves and blooms. (

Fleischle Laura (L-264)

(Leyla series) Smaller than ' Leyla ', with somewhat lesser design. (

Fleischle Leyla (L-223)

(Leyla series) White bloom with intensive purple design. (

Fleischle L021

(Leyla series)"The following sorts are at present in work, for the time being however not available"(

Fleischle L079

(Leyla series)"The following sorts are at present in work, for the time being however not available"(

Fleischle L094

(Leyla series)"The following sorts are at present in work, for the time being however not available"(

Fleischle L160

(Leyla series)"The following sorts are at present in work, for the time being however not available"(

Fleischle Marleen

(Marleen series) Warm, dark-blue bloom color with salient design. (

Fleischle Melanie

Flowers with a white background and mauve veining covering the lower lobes, the upper lobes have a slight tracery of mauve veins.

Fleischle Pink Leyla (N-166)

(Layla series) Pink sport of Leyla. (

Fleischle Princesse

A lovely glowing deep pink with dark veining. (Dibley)
(Marleen series) More intensive colour and even structure than the old ' Rosanna '. The durable alternative to the ' Ramona ' flowering late. (

Fleischle Ronja

(Marleen series) Strong fascinating red. The medium sized blooms hardly fade as they age. (

Fleischle Roulette (m-457)

(Marleen series) New 2007. (

Fleischle Targa

(Marleen series) Violet, dark throat with fine bright seam, which lets the medium sized bloom work very distinctively. Strong, healthy leaves in fresh, healthy color. (


(J. Ford) White with wide purople 'tongues' extending onto lower three lobes. (AGGS Register)

Flock of Bullfinches

Ford Royal

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Compact variety. Very short stalks, the type of flowering African violets recalls. White flowers with dark purple rim.

Forever and a Day

(J. Ford) Medium pink with two thick yellow stripes on light pink center. (AGGS Register)

Forget Me Not

(J. Ford) Purple with white edges, lower lobes splashed darker purple. (AGGS Register)


(F. Davies) Medium large rosette. Leaves mid green. Reddish pink with deeper veins on bottom three petals. (AGGS Register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Freckle Face


(J. Ford) Semi-double velvety wine purple blooms. Belisle's catalog adds "lightly freckled in throat". (AGGS Register)


Rose red, similar to 'Marna' with creamy throat". (AGGS Register)


(G. Ridderberg) Soft, light pink at the upper lobes. The lower lobes are darker pink; sprinkled with thousands of tiny dots and distinct network and pale edge. Two yellow lines in the throat. Foliage is medium green.

Frilled Pink

Peach colored heavily fluted flower lobes, strongly reflexed, some darker lateral lines in creases of lobes, a yellow splotch emerging on the floor of the throat. (AGGS Register)

Frilled Purple

Heavily ruffled flower, purple with white throat, yellow inside. (AGGS Register)

Frilled Red

Dark red flowers with maroon stripes and a yellow throat. (AGGS Register)

Frilly Plum

Frilled lavender/pink flowers with darker throat. (AGGS Register)


(Strickland) Pale blue flowers in abundance, held high above small round leaves. (AGGS Register)

Frosty Diamond

A beautiful plant with mid-blue flowers covered in inky blue veins. This variety has a tidy habit and produces masses of flowers. (

Frosty Twilight

(David Thompson) The dark , bluish black flowers of this cultivar have a thin white edge that beautifully outlines each flower against its neighbors. This is a large-flowered, small-growing strep, a difficult combination to find. The leaves are horizontal and the flowers are on strong stems that are just the right height, making the plant habit ideal. (2007; Picotee Dream X Moonlit Velvet).

Full Moon

(Dibley) This variety has a strong habit with large flowers; the flowers are very distinctive with a perfect snow-white circle in their centre and an inky purple ring around it.

Funny Valentine

(N. Block) Dark red salmon blossoms over variegated foliage. Flowers have darker red throat with interesting dark lines emerging to petals - giving a pin stripe look. Smaller grower.