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Gama (6083)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(C. Rose) Darkish violet, upper lobes a little paler except at tips, witish in tube with strong yellow band within zone of three central vein lines on all lobes. Two yellow bars on whitish zone below mouth. (AGGS Register)

Garnet Red

(M. Kartuz) Large vigorous bright red grandiflora.

Gator's Tail

(D. Martens) Violet blue with darker throat lines. Compact Rosette.
Also as~Rosette shape, thick leaves, medium lavender flowers (

Gaucho (6030)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.



(L. Paduch) Empire rose with currant red stripes in the throat.


(N. Block)

German (7042)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Piotr Klesczynski) Poland.

Ghost Rider

(Sorano) A dark purple throat stretching on to the lower lobes, accent white double blooms. Medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)

Giant Plum

(Poland) A little white in the throat. Dark dark purple with a white edge.


(K. Jones) Mauve with strait purple throat bars, center one protruding out more than others. (AGGS Register)

Gina (6007)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) New large bouquet of white flowers with yellow markings and dark crimson streaks coming from the throat. Flowers kept nastoko long that yellow in the neck disappears and one bush - flowers with yellow and without the original!


(Dibley hybrid) A pale pink sport of 'Falling Stars' with the same lovely flowering habit and masses of dainty flowers. (AGGS Register)

Glowing Embers

(F. Nahigian)


(Charles Lawn)

Good and Plenty

(N. Block) Vivid dilute. (Goody Two Shoes x self)

Good Hope

(W. R. Saylor)

Good Onya

Good Vibrations

(Nancy Block) Deep rose pink, yellow in throat, darker lines from throat spill onto lower petals. Large, robust grower. SCENTED.

Goody Two Shoes

(Nancy Block) Another of my 'dilute' series that start as dark solids and "water down," to unusal colors and markings . Goody Two Shoes, is a gray-mauve, with reddish markings from throat that radiate to all petals. Red-mauve ruffled edges over variegated foliage.


Gothic Grace

Gower Amethyst

(Sue Long)

Gower Daybreak

(Sue Long)

Gower Garnet

(Sue Long) Dark Reddish brown Flowers. (Oakland Nurseries)

Gower Midnight

(Sue Long) Very dark velvet flowers, almost black. (Oakland Nurseries)

Gower Pink Panther

(Sue Long)

Gower Pink-N-Stripey

(Sue Long)

Gower Rose

(Sue Long) Soft velvet-like pink flowers. (Oakland Nurseries)

Gower Singleton

(Sue Long)

Grand (7010)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Grape Jelly

(J. Ford) Grape purple with darker purple veins on lower lobes, white throat with purple stripes. (AGGS Register)

Grape Jelly

(Sorano) Velvety reddish purple blossoms look good enough to eat. Small growing, medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)

Grape Slush

(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Purple flowers with deeper purple stripes in center. Compact habit.

Grape Slush

(B. Schwarz) Lovely dark blue blooms with dark purple throat. Same hybrid as above? (AGGS Register)

Grape Splash

(David Thompson) (Bristol's Tie Dyed X Burgundy), 2005 (2.5" white with purple flowing from throat onto lower 3 lobes but leaving white border on lower lobes)

Great Expectations

(Belisle) Large semi-double pink-lavender flowers darker maroon markings.


(Oglevee catalog) Blue purple flowers with violet stripes accented by white in the throat. Growth habit medium. (AGGS Register)
(Oglevee)(Bevarian Belle Series) Flower color Blue purple, violet streaks, flower size medium, growth habit vigorous. (Oglevee site)


(Block) Wine blossoms with red at base of throat over variegated foliage.



Grin And Bear It

(N. Block) Uniquely colored blossoms, of almost neon deep lavender with a blush of pink, and thin white edging. Occasionally throws fantasy touches. Medium grower.


(David Thompson) (The King X Sugar Blues), 2005 (2.5" white with dark blue-black radiating lines from throat onto all lobes; prolific bloomer)


(Dibley hybrid) Very large head of white blooms with blue veining. Compact growing habit. 2003 introduction.


(Lyndon Lyon) Blossom is two-tone bright pink/red stripes in throat. (AGGS Register)

Gypsy Rose

(N. Block) Variegated leaves, dilute blossoms.