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Ice Berg Blues

(Morgan/Martens) Variegated

Ice Breaker

(N. Block) Medium sized grower having white blossoms with muted throat markings. Scented.

Ice Capade

(J. Ford) Double white with purple throat and purple veining on lower lobes. Also described elsewhere as semi-double. (AGGS Register)

Ice Carnival

(J. Ford) Double, White with solid purple centers on three lower lobes. (AGGS Register)

Ice Castles

(Sorano) Large frilly white flowers, heavy blushing of lavender-blue on the lower lobes with some netting. The white throat has small accents of yellow. Medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)

Ice Folly

(Sorano) Snow white blossoms are etched in dark purple netting upon lower lobes. Medium green voliage.

Ice Iced Baby

(Colin-Lane/Martens) Variegated foliage, lavender-pink flower with darker throat lines. New 2003.

Ice Wine

(D. Martens) Variegated foliage, reddish-lavender with darker throat lines. New 2003.

Iced Amethyst Showoff

(Morgan/Martens) Variegated foliage, medium lavender with darker throat lines. New 2003.

Iced Artistry

(D. Martens)

Iced Canadian Sunset

(Morgan/Martens)Variegated foliage. Bright pink flowers. (

Iced Pink Flamingo

(Morgan/Martens) Variegated foliage, Bright pink flowers, some silvery and darker throat lines. New in 2003.

Iced Pink Fudge

Iced Texas Twilight

(D. Martens) Variegated foliage, Dark lavender-blue with darker throat lines. New in 2003.

Icing on the Cake

(N. Braun) - Semidouble ruffled white flower with raspberry/pink netting on lower lobes.

Ida Claire

(N. Block) Heavy bloomed, large growing strep.

Iide no Uta


Iimori no Uta


Ikuno Komachi



White with lavender, purple striped throat. (oglevee caatalog)
Fringed flower, white with purple veins etched across the bottom petals and the edge of the top petals. (AGGS Register)
(Oglevee)(Bavarian Belle Series) Flower color white with purple streaks, flower size large, growth habit vigorous. (Oglevee site)


(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Blue Net

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Blue Net 2

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Blushing Face

(Ivana Malovaníková)


(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-First Yellow Swallow

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Flared Skirt

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Gold Glitter

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Hot Summer Rays

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Lady Gaga

(Ivana Malovaníková)


(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Pink Glasses

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Pink Paradise

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Pinkie Pie

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Rainbow Dash

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Raspberry Kiss

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Red Neon

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Ruby Wedding

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Ruby Wedding 2

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Sassy Lady

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Sjesta's Daughter

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Spring Hope

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Sugar Rush

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Sunkissed Strawberry

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Sweet Elis

(Ivana Malovaníková)

IM-Twilight Sparkle

(Ivana Malovaníková)


(Ivana Malovaníková)

Imperial Lavender Lace

(J. Ford) Double, medium lavender with dark purple veining, more intense in center of lobes. aslo sold as 'Improved Lavender Lace'. (AGGS Register)



(G. Ridderberg). Yellow flower with striking red lines in the center. Heavy bloomer.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Indigo Dream

Large deep violet blue. (Kartuz)


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Large purple flowers of unusual shape with wavy edges, two upper petals rounded shape wrapped ago, the bottom three - forward. On the lower - a large yellow spot with lavender divorce, throat out two more strips of bright yellow color. Very floriferous and early flowering variety.


(David Thompson) (Serius X Janus), 2003 (1.5" black-purple with white mottling, white stripes in throat and very thin white edges; small grower; prolific bloomer)

Inky Convergence

(David Thompson) Large, azure-blue flower with bold, bluish black stripes that converge and run parallel through the white throat. (2009; Guidelines X Stonewashed).

Inky Fingers

(C. Rose) Purple violet overlain on lower lobes by full network of blacker than violet blue vein color, slightly sheened especially along near black main vain lines on limb below the mouth. (AGGS Register)

Inky Frills

(David Thompson) (Blue Mars X Bright Eyes), 2003 (2.25" light blue with black-purple striped throat floor; like 'Blue Mars' but with much shorter and well-behaved flower stalks)


(Dibley) A pretty violet-purple flower which fades to orange/red in the throat. Narrow leaves with an upright habit.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Irish Mist

*Change name see Scottish Mist*

Irish Rose

(J. Ford)Semi-double ruffled, bright rose pink, striped and netted dark rose. (AGGS Register)


(N. Block) Pink blossomed dilute.


(Dibley) A compact variety with lovely speckled markings on the upper lobes and a rich velvet texture on the lower lobes. The red flowers have a contrasting white/pink ruffled border .. An exceptionally free flowering variety with short stems 15-17cm in height. Bred at Dibleys.


(G. Ridderberg). The flowers are very dark purple sprinkled with thousands of tiny white dots. Heavy bloomer with many flowers on each stalk.

Isobel White

Large pure white. (Kartuz)



It Makes Scents

(D. Martens) Scented pink flower with darker throat. New in 2003.

It's A Pleasure

(N. Block) Striking SD blossom color,dotted throat markings. (Double the Pleasure x Audrey)

Ivory Snow

(J. Ford) White with pale pink and yellow stripes in center. (AGGS Register)

Ivory Summer

(N. Block) Pure white blossoms, except for the faintest smudge of pink at the lower throat. She has Cape Baby's characteristic "blown back" petals. A subtle beauty that likes to bloom.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Izushi Komachi



(Nancy Block) Heavy bloomer, large blossoms. (Maxx Factor x Joseph's Coat)