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(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Large undulating corrugated blue-blue flowers with a clear inky blue mesh on the lower petals. 2010

Lacy Snowflake

(David Thompson) (Blue Mars X Sugar Blues), 2005 (2" pure white; heavily ruffled)


(Oglevee catalog) Overlapping full petals of light pink are brightened by a yellow throat surrounded by darker pink bands. Plants have an attractive dainty rosette form. Compact growth habit. (AGGS Register)


Ruffled pink yellow throat and bib, darker lines lower lobes. (AGGS Register)

Lady Lavender

(K. Jones) Compact growth with slightly smaller leaves than parent. Leaves mid green, Slightly frilly edges, mauve with purple throat bars fused into 3 blotched marks, center one more prominent. (AGGS Register)

Lady Luck

Large light blue bloom with deep blue stripes. (AGGS Register)

Lady Luck

Compact light rose-pink bloom, yellow throat with heavy rose striping on bottom three petals. (AGGS Register)

Lady Love

Laflora Animanda

(J. Ford) Upper lobes light grape purple, lower lobes dark grape purple, throat white with almost black veins extending onto lower lobes. (AGGS Register)


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Wavy flowers are very elegant form, two upper petals - watercolor-pink with yellow shades, lower - bright heavy. Throat out thin maroon stripes. Flowers this variety are very dense, making flowers for a long time held - more than a month, and the colors - the world's only breeding today! Blossoms willingly growing rapidly. Rosette midsize not inclined to sprawl strong peduncles.


(Nancy Block) Mini streps. Diameter of adult plant is 6-7". White blossoms with yellow in throat, over mottled, variegated foliage.


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Very large white flowers gracefully shaped, curved back petals and a white throat. Compact rosette.


(C. Rose) Compact rosette. Deepish bright mauve, paler below mouth, edges of lobes sometimes appearing slightly darker. Tube white inside with dark flecks on strong yellow band. (AGGS Register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Dibley hybrid) Pale pink with distinct deep pink veins on the lower three petlas. a milti-flowering variety with a similar habit to 'Gloria'. (AGGS Register)

Laura Elizabeth

(J. Ellis) Peach with deeper peach lines in throat. (AGGS Register)

Laura Sue

(Nancy Block) Laura Sue is one of my "SPACE SAVER," streps. Small, compact grower, large blossoms(for size of plant), long lasting blooms. White, with deep red-purple markings & extra petals in throat. Flowers look like baby orchids.


(J. Pardo) Very compact plant, smaller than S. 'Little Gem' lavender blue bloom. slow grower. (AGGS Register)

Laurie Anderson

(G. Gessert)

Lava Flow

Lavender Lace

(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Mounds of multicolor flowers of lavender, light purple on petal edges blushed with blue highlights. Throat is white with purple stripes. (AGGS Register)

Lavender Lace

(J. Ford) Double medium lavender bloom with purple striping on lower petals. (AGGS Register)

Lavender Lace

(Kartuz catalog) Semi-double light blue flower veined deeper blue. (AGGS Register)

Lavender Mist

(David Thompson) (Magnetosphere X Serius), 2005 (1.5" white with lavender veins and fine lavender stippling (like mist); similar to but a smaller and more floriferous plant than its parent, 'Magnetosphere')

Lavender Profusion

(David Thompson) (Pegasus X Bristol's Blue Water), 2005 (1.5" clear lavender-blue with purple and white stripes in throat; prolific bloomer)

Lavender Rosette

(D. Martens) Violet blue RHS 91C with darker shadings of 91A. Inside throat Purple Violet 81A with deeper throat lines. (AGGS Register)
Aslo as~ Rosette shape, thickish leaves, medium lavender flowers in abundance. (


(Nancy Block) White flowers with deep red violet lines & netting running from throat to lower petals. Flowers have serated edges. Medium large, easy grower, rosette form.

Lee's Sprikin' Sprank

No Description


Pure white flowers with yellow in throat that extends out into the lobes. Eye catching. (AGGS Register)

Lemon Curd

(Kenji Hirose)

Lemon Drop

(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Snow white flowers accented with a great deal of lemon yellow in the throat that flows out onto the lower petals. Foliage is medium green and grows compact. (AGGS Register)

Lemon Frills

(Kenji Hirose)

Lemon Ice

(J. Ford) Pure white with pur yellow throat and ruffled edges. (AGGS Register)

Lemon Ice

(1998 Lyndon Lyon catalog) Outstanding blossom of white have strong yellow throats. Medium green foliage. (AGGS Register) *Most likely the Ford Hybrid above*

Lemon Meringue

(J. Ford) White with lemon yellow throat, flower droops. (AGGS Register)


(J. Munk) Dark purple blossom with white streaks anddots. Medium green foliage.

Leon (6033)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.




(Oglevee catalog) Long white flowers have short purple and yellow stripes in the throat. The increased length of flower tube provides a light and airy appearance to these full plants. Medium growth habit. (AGGS Register)
(Oglevee)(Bavarian Belle Series) Flower color White with purplr-yellow streaks, flower size large, growth habit vigorous. (Oglevee site)



(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Lil Blueboy

Linda's Fine Art

(J. Ford)

Linda's First Date

(J. Ford)

Linda's Georgie Porgie

(J. Ford)

Linda's Ma Belle Pettite

(J. Ford)

Linda's Scarlet Robe

(J. Ford)

Linda's Skip to Malou

(J. Ford)

Linda's Slap Stick

(J. Ford)

Linda's Which Way

(J. Ford)


(Dibley hybrid) Delicate shell pink flowers with white eye. Very free flowering. (AGGS Register)

Lithium's Blood Bath

(Fran Low) Rich fuchsia background with deep burgundy veins to upper petals. Lower three have a blood red overlay with gold glitter highlights. Thin pink picotee edge. Large grower.

Lithium's Fang Tastic

(Fran Low) White background with deep burgundy spots. Wide white picotee edge & 2 white fangs from bottom throat small grower.

Lithium's Love Bite

(Fran Low) Very large flowers on a huge grower.Large candyfloss pink blooms with deep burgundy overlay to bottom petals & veins to top.White throat with huge burgundy tigerlily type spots & an unusual pale pink picotee edge.

Lithium's Meteor Shower

(Fran Low) Pale lavender background with yellow throat bleeding to wide white. very dark purple spots to lower 3 petals, deep purple veins to upper 2. Very wavy petals.

Lithium's Pritty Princess

(Fran Low) Pretty lilac background with wide white throat all over spotted with deep purple, very ruffled petals small grower.

Lithium's Savage Beastie

(Fran Low) Gorgeous crushed strawberry base colour with white flecks & a thin white picotee edge. Medium grower.

Lithium's Warp Drive

(Fran Low) Large flowers & large grower. Opens a deep pinky purple with wide pale blue throat, fades to a gorgeous wisteria blue with paler throat, deep burgundy throat lines.

Little Bear

(J. Ford) Magenta pink with dark yellow throat. (AGGS Register)

Little Boy Blue

Little Darling

J. Ford) Semi-double, soft peach pink, dark pink stripes on yellow centered throat. (AGGS Register)

Little Gem

Bright pink flowers with a deeper throat top this wonderful compact variety.

Little Girl

(J. Ford)

Little J

(J. Ford) Bright blue semi-double flowers edged in red-purple with white throat and dark blue lines. Compact green foliage. (AGGS Register)

Little Kan

Dark purple-blue with white throat with dark blue netting on face and dark blue streaks in throat. Compact grower. (

Little Miss Priss

(J. Ford) Semi-double, white with red stripes on lower three lobes, ruffled edges on all lobes. (AGGS Register)

Little One

(Sorano) Light fuchsia flower is highlighted by very nice small compact growing foliage. (AGGS Register)

Little Pink Pixie

(Heidi Dillenbeck) Mauve-pink, with red-wine throat lines in a greenish-yellow throat. Medium green leaves. Compact growth. (AGGS Register)

Little Pink Surprise

(D. Martens) Compact size, pink & white flowers.

Lob In


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland. large frilled flowers, white upper lobes, lower lobes heavy dark blue veining on white background

Lollipop Dream

Blossoms are plum colored, having a white upper throat. Yellow stripes protrude from the throat onto the lower lobes with a dusting of dark purple and black spots. The lower lobes have dark purple veining. Medium green foliage. Large grower.(Lyndon Lyon Website)

London Fog

(Wendy DeLorme)

Lonely Blue

Lord Fountleroy

The richest darkest purple we’ve seen in a "Cape Primrose." The 2" flowers are held in tight clusters and have a remarkable velvet sheen. This heavy bloomer is excellent for lower light areas where flowers and color are needed. (Logees)

Lotsa Violet



(John Innes variety) Deep blue violet with more intense colour on lower petals. (AGGS Register)


(N. Block) Ruffled petals, large grower. Another Cape Baby kid.

Lucky Strike

(David Thompson) (Michael X Texas Hot Chili), 2005 (2" pink with throat striped with dark red and yellow; lobes narrow, giving starlike effect; prolific bloomer)


A very floriferous medium sized plant. The flowers are a strong mid pink with ruffled edges. The central strong ruby red lines, which emphasise the broad trumpet shaped flowers, sit over a soft yellow foundation. Introduced 2009.

Luiz (7090)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Lyon's) These small white flowers have purple netting on the lower lobes with yellow streaks that accent the throat. Dark green Compact Grower.

Lunar Eclipse

(N. Pavliuk, Russia) Large, semi-double white flowers are densely covered with dark purple to black markings. This is a large-growing plant.


(Davies) A striking flower with strong veining and a contrasting edge to the lower lobes. A strong variety which is multi flowering with a tall habit. Good for the show bench.


(Dibley hybrid) A rounded upright head of pansy purple flowers with darker center. Excellent grower. (AGGS Register)


(Dibley hybrid) Rich velvety purple with black throat, making a fairly compact plant. (AGGS Register)

A beautiful rich velvety purple with a black throat, making a fairly compact plant. (

Lynn's Ruby Red

Beautiful deep ruby-red blooms with white mottling. good growing compact plant. (AGGS Register)