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(Oglevee) Orchid-like pink flowers are marked by lavender pink blotches and a dark yellow throat. (AGGS Register)
(Oglevee)(Bavarian Belle Series) Flower color orchid pink with yellow throut, flower size large, growth habit vigorous. (Oglevee site)






(Dibley) A large flowered variety with a beautiful combinations of colours; pale violet-blue lobes, a yellow throat and rich violet lines in the centre. Very free flowering (Introduced 2012).


(Mikkelsens) Deep blue flowers with a distinctive yellow throat. Compact growth. (AGGS Register)

Netta Nymph

(Broertjes) radiation induced mutant of 'Constant Nymph' Purple with dark reticulate on 3 lower lobes, throat is pale yellow with violet veined blotch. (AGGS Register)


(Dibley hybrid) A stunning new combination of colors. The upper lobes of the flower are edged pale blue with a splash of cream in the middle. The three lower lobes have purple veining with a hint of copper in the throat around two yellow stripes. An exceptionally free flowering plant with a neat habit. One of our best introductions (Introduced 2004).


Lightblue flowers heavily netted and veined violet blue...elsewhere described as Lavender petals covered with deep purple venation that runs across the lobes like a spider web. (AGGS Register)


(Dibley hybrid) A sport from 'Party Doll'. The flowers appear pale pink with a yellow eye but the pink gradually gets darker around the edge. The gives an atractive picotee edge and a mixture of color tones on a head of flowers.

Niagara Falls

(J. Ford) Light purple with deeper purple streaks, slight yellow patch in throat, edges of all lobes curl back. (AGGS Register)

Niagara's African Queen

(M. Kotarski)

Niagara's Michelle

Large violet flowers with dark violet veining on throat.

Niagara's Michele

(M. Kotarski)

Niagara's Purple Posey

(M. Kotarski)


(G. Brown) Small semi-double flowers, deep pink on strong stems. (AGGS Register)

Night Beacon

(David Thompson) (Magnetosphere X Sugar Blues), 2005 (2.25" dark purple with wide pure white throat; prolific bloomer; ideal flower presentation and habit)

Night Edition

(David Thompson) (Firebird X The King), 2005 (2.5" deep blue with two white stripes on black throat; ruffled)


(Sorano) Medium blue flowers have white upper throats. The lower throat is a velvety looking, solid dark purple with two yellow dots extending to the lower petals. Medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)


(N. Block) Deeply spiked and notched petal edges. Lower petals cream to pale yellow with dark purple netting. Touch of orange at the throat. Nightmare blooms his heart out over a long period of time, long lasting blossoms. Large grower.


Frilled flowers, vivid violet blue upper lobes, lower lobes yellow with hints on violet.

Nina Ricci

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) 2011. Perfect in all respects white variety. The flowers are very large, up to 9 cm ryush on the edge, very early and abundant flowering. Peduncles strong, medium-sized socket. This sort of uplifting clouds of white flowers.


No Description

Nissan Almera

(Kabanova\Trofimenko, Russia) Auto-series. Is bright-lilac double large flower with three bottom petals of white, yellow color and green edge. The throat is left with dark-violet and yellow strips. Plentifully blossoming with the unusual form of a flower.

Nissan Murano

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Auto series. Black Giant. Very large black velvet-purple flowers with a white throat.

Nissan Qashqai

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Auto series. Very large flowers orange-pink color. Maroon stripes of white throat bright picture form. Rosette trim. Floriferous cultivar - one peduncle - 3-5 blooms. Variety - a gift for Oleinikova Tatiana :)

Nissan X-Trail

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Auto series. Very large purple mesh flowers, patterned on the upper and lower lobes. Background pattern of lower petals - bright yellow. Spectacular variety!


(G. Ridderberg) Extremely rich flowering and the flowers are long lasting, 4-6 flowers per stem (sometimes semi double). Flowers soft pink at the upper lobes and bright magenta pink at the lower lobes. The plant is fast growing and has a tidy habit. Foliage is medium green.

Nonsuch Mulberry Ruffles

(L. Carnegie)

North Star

Northwest Passage

(G. Gessert)

Northwoods Bear-ly Salmon

(Jeanne Krieger) Large salmon/pink blossoms, white streaks from throat.

Northwoods Candy Stripe

(Jeanne Krieger) Semi-double sometimes double dusty rose pink with darker streaking....plain green foilage.

Northwoods Cranberry Blitz

(Jeanne Krieger) Large bright cranberry colored flowers, white streaks center. (Belisle's catalog)

Northwoods Dusty Valentine

(Jeanne Krieger) Dusty rose flowers with darker veins from white throat to lower lobes.(Belisle's catalog)

Northwoods Frosted Dreamsicle

(Jeanne Krieger) Soft peach flowers with darker streaks from a white throat and also variegated foliage.

Northwoods Frosted Moonshine

(Jeanne Krieger) Very pale blush pink flower with yellow extending from a white throat with variegated leaves.

Northwoods Frosted Pink Squirrel

(Jeanne Krieger) Medium carnation pink flower with darker streaks from a white throat also variegated leaves.

Northwoods Frosted Pink Web

(Jeanne Krieger) Large white flowers over lavender pink. Darker streaks from throat to lower lobes.

Northwoods Frosty Girl

(Jeanne Krieger) Variegated Foliage. Soft baby pink blossoms, darker fuchsia and white streaks from the throat.

Northwoods Mulberry Wine

(Jeanne Krieger) Heavy mulberry colored overall, dark mottled veins and streaks throughout. (Belisle's catalog)

Northwoods Pansy Doll

(Jeanne Krieger) Dark green foliage. Lavender flowers yellow and darker purple streaks from throat.

Northwoods Pink Frill

(Jeanne Krieger) Medium green foliage. White flower over all, orchid/pink darker veins, white ruffled lacy edge, dark yellow streaks from throat.

Northwoods Plum Frosted

(Jeanne Krieger) Variegated medium green and white.Plum/orchid colored blossoms with white throat.

Northwoods Purple Lightening

(Jeanne Krieger) Large purple flowers with darker ruffled edge and veins. Rich magenta purple streaks and flashes of white from throat. (Belisle's catalog)

Northwoods Ruffled Freeble

(Jeanne Krieger) Top 2 lobes pale pink, bottom three lobes pink with heavy magenta overlay, darker colored streaks radiating from white throat, ruffled edges.

Northwoods Simple Elegance

(Jeanne Krieger) Pale pink overall, rounded lobes, bottom three streaked bright fuchia from throat. (Belisle's catalog)

Northwoods Thistle Lace

(Jeanne Krieger) Orchid/thistle color over all darker orchid streaks and veining, white lacy edge. (Belisle's catalog)

North Star

(J. Ford) Purple-blue bloom with darker netting and yellow stripes in throat. (AGGS Register)

Nova Scotia

(J. Ford) Ruffled white with strong purple veining on three lower lobes. (AGGS Register)


Large flowers lower lobes dark magenta, upper lobes white with heavy magenta netting.

NRZ Mini

Large ruffled flowers, dark magenta lower lobes white flushed pink upper lobes.