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Ocean Rain

(J. Ford) Semi-double, medium purple with purple veins, white throat with two yellow stripes in center. (AGGS Register)





Oirase Sanka


Old Fashioned Valentine

(Lyon) Raspberry blossoms are smothered with burgundy netting throughout. A deep wine color extends from the throat onto the lower petals, having a white upper throat. (Lyon website)

Old Rose Wine

(C. Rose) Ground color red purple RHS 66C with darker central zone and lower lobe vein network. Intervein colour redder than RHS red-purple 61A. Below the tube mouth white with reddish blotching. Higher flower count and better vein colouring distinguish this from 'Strawberry Crush'. (AGGS Register)


Pale pink at edges of petals, becoming rich pink towards the center. (AGGS Register)


(N. Block) Ruffled blossoms, pink on top with darker lines scoring the bottom petals, giving a two-tone look.


(Dibley) This is a new colour break from Dibley's breeding programme. S. 'Olivia' is salmon pink, the first variety to have this unusual colouring. This variety is very free flowering with a neat rosette of leaves, the flowers are a medium size with fine lines emerging from the throat. (2011 Introduction)


(Dibley hybrid) Very deep inky purple flowers with slightly serrated edges makes this a stunning new variety. The color of the bloom is very intense with a rich velvet sheen. Medium sized flowers on a fairly compact plant. (2002 introduction).


(J. Truter)

Ong Bak

(Vilas) Pretty large white flowers with soft yellow accents on all petals, and in throat with purple lines standing in vivid contrast against the yellow.

Onsen Komachi


Ontario Wild Rose

(J. Ford) Bright rose pink with yellow and white throat. (AGGS Register)

Oooh La La

(N. Block) Vividly marked dilute blossoms.- "lipstick" markings surround the throat.


(Okuto's)The small wheel, being the leaf quick and round, compact type. Japan


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Nancy Block) Presented for display only. Chimera leaf streps can only be propagated through suckers. Oracle has purple blossoms but the true beauty is in the leaves.

Orange Julep

(Robitaille) Peachy orange coral blossoms that are very large. The foliage is medium green.

Orange Sherbet

(Allison Bilverstone) Opens with delicious dark sd, red throated blossoms that change to a clear orange-coral. Large, long lasting blossoms.

Orchid Lace

(Sorano) Very pale pink blossoms. Heavy netting appears on the upper petal tips. The lower petals and throat are solid rose-orchid lace over pink, with some rose blushing. A touch of maroon marks the throat. Medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)


(Mikkelsens) Light blue flowers with white throat and faint purple streaking from throat to lower petals. (AGGS Register)


(J. Truter)


(J. Truter)


(J. Truter)




(J. Truter)

Over the Rainbow

(J. Ford) Medium purple with pink/purple stripes on yellow throat. (AGGS Register)

Overnight Scentsation

(K.Estridge) Stunningly beautiful and scented, the blossoms have the most spectacular shimmer that covers all the pale lavender petals with a very unique sparkly sheen, giving them a "silver" effect. The throat has deep reddish-purple markings, with lines then coming forward onto the three lower lobes. The fragrance is floral and rich, and strong enough to be noticed when just one blossom is open.


(J. Ford) Fringed, Velvety dark red purple with darker veining. (AGGS Register)