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Paco Rabanne

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Characterized by dense lush tsveteniemi like plastic, flowers.


A vibrant pink with flat faced flowers. Very free flowering on tall stems, an early an long flowering variety, up to 10 months a year. (

Pale Ryder

(N. Block) Attractive blossoms with alternating purple and yellow markings in throat.


(Oglevee) Galaxy series. White with a hint of yellow in throat. (Oglevee site)



Paper Moon

(Sorano) Outstanding blossoms of almost white, just a hint of palest pink casting. the throat is heavily painted a deep yellow that pours onto the lower lobes, then boldly accented with three deep burgundy stripes. Medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)

Parade of Roses

(N. Block) Strong, upright grower, semi-double extra petal throat clusters in blossoms with white & light yellow throat, loves to bloom.

Party Doll

(J. Ford) Spectacular color combination of lavender-pink bloom with yellow throat. light purple splash on three lower petals. (AGGS Register)

Party Pinafore

(David Thompson) The heavily ruffled flowers of this cultivar have a light blue upper lip and a white lower lip. The lower lip has bold, dark blue lines that radiate from the throat and branch to form a web as they expand to the edges of the lower lobes. (2010; Inky Convergence X Silvia).

Passion Pink

(Sorano) The white throat of the dusty pink blossoms are complimented with pale maroon striping. Large green foliage. (AGGS Register)


(K. Jones) A bright pink with deep mauve thraot bars and a yellow throat. (AGGS Register)

Patrick Swayze

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) 2013

Pat's Pet Alfalfa

(Dunlap) Pink/white lines into throat. (

Pat's Pet Apollo

(Dunlap) Purple/darker purple lines into throat. (

Pat's Pet Brimstone

(Dunlap) Very tiny purple/white throat. (

Pat's Pet Egleis

(Dunlap) Bright pink/white lines into throat. (

Pat's Pet Malachite

(Dunlap) Pink/some white on upper lobes, white lines into throat. (

Pat's Pet Monarch

(Dunlap) Purple/white throat, compact. (

Pat's Pet Shasta

(Dunlap) Lavender/darker lines into white throat, line of black dots into throat. (

Pat's Pet Siva

(Dunlap) Pink/darker pink and white lines into throat. (

Pat's Pet Swallowtail

(Dunlap) Light pink/darker pink lines, compact. (


(John Innes Institute) Reddish purple, lower petals darker in the throat with distinct dark veins, eyes white. (AGGS Register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Peach Glow

(Kartuz Catalog) Large salmon pink, lightly ruffled flowers, yellow throat. (AGGS Register)

Peach Perfect

(Marcia Belisle) Light peach flowers bright red throat and lower lobe stripes. (AGGS Register)

Peachy Pink

Large, deep peachy-pink blooms w/large, clear, bright yellow throat. A very striking plant that's also very pretty and very easy to grow.

Peachy Pink Petticoat

(J. Ford) Peachy pink with canary yellow throat, scattered dark pink veins, heavy bloomer. (AGGS Register)


One of the most free flowering white streptocarpus we have ever seen, with up to 10 flowers on each stocky upright stem. This is also a variety which flowers over a long season, about 10 months of the year. A clear white flower with a yellow eye.


(Mikkelsens) Pure white flowers. Small white flowers and small growing foliage. Vigorous grower and heavy bloomer. (AGGS Register)


Dark purple with yellow streaks from throat. (Belisle's)

Penguin Freckles


Open pink trumpet with dark lines in throat. (AGGS Register)

Peppermint Pink

(J. Ford) Semi-double fuchsia pink with darker veins and darker center on all lobes, delicate white edging. (AGGS Register)

Peppermint Schnapps

(J. Ford) Semi-double white with pink center and pink veins on lower lobes. (AGGS Register)


(Oglevee)(Olympus series) Flower color red with blue undertones, flower size small, growth habit medium. (Oglevee site)

Persian Carpet

(David Thompson) (Blue Mars X Magnetosphere), 2003 (2" blue, dappled and veined with purple; throat white with bold purple striping; prolific bloomer)

Peter Pan Red

Peter Pan Sky

Petite Pink Princess

(D. Martens) Very compact rosette. Outer edges bright pink RHS 66C, white canter with dark red purple stripes in RHS 5C yellow throat. (AGGS Register)
Also as~Pink 'Joker' type flowers. (

Petticoat Lace


(Oglevee) Red wine flowers have white upper throats with deep dark red stripes extending from the throat onto the lower petals. There is a hint of a lighter shade of red veining and spotting throughout the flower.
(Oglevee)(Olympus Series) Flower color Wine, flower size medium, growth habit medium. (Oglevee site)



(J. Ford) Slightly ruffled edges, white with delicate pink stripes in center of three lower lobes. (AGGS Register)

Piccadilly Line

(C. Rose) Ground color very pale purple-violet RHS 81A vein and inter-vein color on lower lobes. Inside of tube white with yellow band obscured by blackish purple lines and blotching. (AGGS Register)


(J. Ford) Deep red purple with white center. (AGGS Register)


(J. Ford) Bright Rose bloom, white throat with burgundy stripes. (AGGS Register)


(M. Kartuz) Large salmon pink, red throat, netted and edged red. (AGGS Register)


There also seems to be another strep going around with this name and it looks like this.

Picotee Dream

(David Thompson) (Burgundy X Hera), 2003 (originally sold as 'Picotee Pansy'; 2" red-purple, the upper two lobes lighter; white picotee edge; prolific bloomer)

Picotee Lace

(David Thompson) (Serius X Janus), 2003 (1.5" white with reticulate violet-purple venation pattern and with violet-purple suffusion everywhere except on wide border and throat; discontinued because of muddy coloration compared with newer cultivars and because of tendencies to produce malformed flowers--a trait often passed by Serius parent)

Picotee Pansy

*Name Change see PICOTEE DREAM*


(Sorano) Pale pink blossoms with small white throats are marked with a medium rose bib and netting on lower lobes, with small amounts of netting on the upper petal tips. Dark rose-burgundy stripes in the throat draw upon the lower lobes. The blossoms have lightly laced edges. Medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)

Pink Aplenty

(David Thompson) (Suzie X Sunsweet), 2003 (2" dark pink with wide yellow throat; large grower)

Pink Blush

The open flower is nearly white, blushing pink with deep-pink lines into the throat. Compact plant with many flower spikes. (AGGS Register)

Pink Chiffon

(B. Walker) Lovely powder pink with a fringey edge. (AGGS Register)

Pink Cloud

(J. Ford)Frilly medium pink bloom with pure white on lower three petals, no yellow. (AGGS Register)

Pink Crystal

Pink Essue

(J. Ford) Large medium pink bloom with yellow and maroon stripes in throat. (AGGS Register)

Pink Fantasia

(Okuto) Compact type. Japan

Pink Filigree

(M. Kartuz) Veined and netted deep pink on white background. Grandiflora. (AGGS Register)

Pink Fondant


Pink Frills

(J. Ford) Pretty pink frilled flowers. Medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)

Pink Ice

(Sorano) Small flowers of near white in color have a hint of pink. the white throat has a touch of pink at its base. small compact medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)

Pink Icing

(J. Ford) No Description (AGGS Register)

Pink Lady

(M. Dekking catalog) Large deep pink trumpet. (AGGS Register)

Pink Lilac

Pink Nymph

Pink multiflora, striped deeper pink. (Kartuz)

Pink Princess

Pink Profusion

Pink Rosebud

Beautiful double gright pink bloom, Sport found in M. Waguespacks greenhouse. (AGGS Register)

Pink Shell

(G. Ehrlich) Light bright pink bloom; yellow throat with dark maroon streaks. Foliage green.

Pink Souffle

(J. Ford) Semi-double, very frilly, light pink with creamy white throat, yellow and dark pink stripes on lower lobes. (AGGS Register)

Pink Surprise

(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Lovely pink flowers are accented white in the throat, kissed with yellow and striped with maroon. Foliage is of medium green and compact. (AGGS Register)

Pionokio (7027)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Pin-up Girl

(Sorano) Medium pink flowers painted with a small amount of white in the upper throat that extends on to the upper petals, is also lightly touched with yellow streakes. The lower petals and throat are streaked in deep wine. A large blush of dark cherry red accents the lower lobes. Medium green foliage. (AGGS Register)


(J. Ford) Semi-double lavender-pink bloom with white throat and 5 purple stripes. (AGGS Register)

Pola (7023)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(J. Ford) Semi-double lavender-pink bloom with white throat and 5 purple stripes. (AGGS Register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Plum Pudding

(David Thompson) (Suzie X Kim), 2003 (1.75" dark black-purple with two yellow lines on throat floor; very prolific bloomer; discontinued because leaves grow vertically and because flower color is not very unusual)

Plum Smile

(David Thompson) (Burgundy X Bristol's Blue Water), 2003 (2" pure white with throat and lower three lobe bases suffused with purple; throat with two distinct yellowish white streaks; discontinued because it refuses to grow additional crowns, limiting flower production)

Plum Tart

(Lyon catalog) Small pale blue flowers with dark blue and yellow stripes in throat. (AGGS Register)


Pocketful Of Posies

�(N. Block) Another of the Gracie kids. Posey is small, very compact, with Semi-double to double blossoms of lavender with large white throat, and a touch of yellow.



Polka Dottie

(N. Block) Unique blossom color made up of thousands of dots, feathered edges with darker bordering, interesting throat markings. (Gypsy Rose x Cape Baby)


Medium coral flowers, have a brighter coral beard, and a deeper coral edge, with maroon streaks to almost black streaks, protruding from the throat onto the lower petals. The upper throat is white. Large grower.

Pop Eye

(C. Leifeste) Very small compact; very small lavender purple flowers with heavy dark chevron extending to lower petal edges bordered by lighter purple netting on each side. Two upper petals are very light lavender purple with darker prominent central vein; medium dark green foliage with dull velvet. (

Porsche Cayenne

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Very large black and purple velvety flowers with a mysterious velvety Gore. Exceptionally rapid growth and abundant flowering. Strong thick stalks. 2011.


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) 2011. Red flowers with wavy edge petals marked with bright yellow background on the lower three petals.

Pretty In Pink

(N. Block) Pretty in Pink is a pink dilute, pink background color with darker pink edging and throat. Pretty In Pink is uncommon due to the fact that it is one of very few pink factored dilutes.

Pretty Spiffy

Prince Charming

(J. Ford) Large and lovely white ruffled flower with dark blue throat and veining which extends on to the lower lobe. Tiki catalog adds "Very heavily veined purple with three heavy burgundy stripes on lower throat". (AGGS Register)

Proud Mary

(N. Block) Dilute blossom with heavier markings around throat, over variegated foliage.


Hybridizer and parentage unknown, raised from seed by J. Dixon. Compact rosette, leaves green. White with red and yellow in throat, corolla narrowly edged red. (AGGS Register)

Puffer's Pride

(Gini McCanne) Large Single white bloom with red stripes in the throat Large green leaves. Grows very large and fast .

Purple Dew

Purple Fleck

Trumpet like flowers on nodding wiry stems have attractive flecks. Purple with darker purple flecks of color. (

Purple Martin

(J. Ford) Light purple with dark purple center and dark purple veining on lower lobes. (AGGS Register)

Purple Nymph

(C. Broertjes) Deep purple with a few white streaks, many darker stripes from the throat. (AGGS Register)

Purple Panda

(David Thompson) Pure white flowers are overlaid with dark blue webbing and dark blue wash on the lower lip and on the outer portions of the two lobes of the upper lip. Two yellowish rays extend from the throat onto the lower lip. This cultivar blooms very profusely, even at a young age. (2007; Alpine Cascade X Blue Network).

Purple Parfait

(J. Ford) Grape purple, splashes of pink and light purple on lobes, yellow throat. (AGGS Register)

Purple Passion

(J. Ford) Deep purple with white throat, lower three lobes with dark purple veins and two white "fangs" seperating the lower lobes. (AGGS Register)

Purple People Eater

(J. Ford) Semi-double purple with darker purple veining on lower three lobes. (AGGS Register)

Purple Pepper

*Name Change see Purple Peppered*

Purple Peppered

(David Thompson) (Magnetosphere X Hera), 2005 (originally sold as 'Purple Pepper'; 2" white with very dense, fine burgundy-purple speckling throughout and a light rose-purple overlay or wash; prolific bloomer)

Purple Proplexity

(J. Ford) Semi-double velvety reddish purple with darker veining and white edges to all lobes. (AGGS Register)

Purple Queen

(M. Dekking) Large Deep Purple. (AGGS Register)

Purple Rosebud

(J. Ford) Much like S. 'Rosebud' but violet purple bloom. (AGGS Register)

Purple Spider

(J. Ford) Medium purple with dark veining, white throat with two yellow splashes. (AGGS Register)

Purple Spotted Spider

(J. Ford) Lavender with dark purple speckles throughout, dark purple veining and splashes of white on lower three lobes. (AGGS Register)

Purple Tiger

(J. Ford) Purple with lavender throat spotted and striped dark purple. (AGGS Register)


(N. Block) Red-violet with 'pinked' edges. Lower petals pale yellow with a 'fish scale' type netting and finished with red-lavender borders. Throat spotted and marked with dark lines. Cape Baby offspring.