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(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Dibley hybrid) Frilly blue fully double flowers, making a nice rounded head of bloom on a neat compact plant. (AGGS register)

Sako Blue Gem

(Okuto) Japan

Sako Blue Helen

(Okuto) Japan

Sako Brilliant Gem

(Okuto) Japan

Sako June Bride

(Okuto) Japan

Sako Pink Drops

(Okuto) Japan

Sako Purple Gem

(Okuto) Japan

Sako Wine Drops

(Okuto) Japan

Sako Yellow Eye

(Okuto) Japan






(N. Block) Opens with darker blossoms that lighten to red-salmon sometimes marked with lighter streaks/swirls. Large blossoms over variegated foliage.

Salmon Patty

(N. Block) Large flowered clear salmon blossoms with wide white throat and interesting throat markings. Variegated foliage, large grower.

Salmon Space

Salmon Sunset

(David Thompson) (Michael X Texas Hot Chili), 2005 (1.75" pinkish orange with dark red and yellow throat; prolific bloomer)


(Oglevee) The porcelain pink flower color and the delicate pink and yellow markings are complimented by the rosette plant form. Compact habit. (AGGS register)
(Oglevee)(Olympus Series) Flower color light pink, flower size medium, growth habit medium. (Oglevee site)


(Piotr Kleszczynski)

Sandra (7030)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


The flowers have an unusual and attractive color pattern. They are large, mauve having a tracery of deep purple veining on the lower petals leading into a yellow throat. (AGGS register)


Dark burgundy-plum flower, with a nearly black, lower throat, and a white upper throat. (


(J. Ford) Dark blue with very dark blue splashes on three lower lobes, two yellow stripes in center. (AGGS register)


(Dibleys hybrid) Large flower, mauve with a network of purple veining and a yellow center. (AGGS register)


(NP Pavljuk) Large purple flowers with a white throat on the lower petals purple-venous network on a yellow background.


Large fringed blooms with dark blue-purple upper lobes, white lower lobes darkly veined in purple. Very striking Russian hybrid. (


(Kartuz) Deep violet-blue flowers cover the plant at all times. Compact. (AGGS register)

Savanna's Ashley

(S. Garcia) Bright purple textured blossoms, with darker lines from white throat over variegated foliage.

Savanna's Blackbird

(S. Garcia) 2007 Deep rich purple top petals, rich velvety black lower petals with white lines from throat.

Savanna's Buttercup

(S. Garcia)

Savanna's Cotton Eye

(S. Garcia) 2007 Bright purple flower with darker purple leopard like spots on lower petals with a bright white throat.

Savanna's Dark Nite

(S. Garcia) 2007 Rich velvety doubles of nearly black. Ruffled centers.

Savanna's Missus

(S. Garcia) 2007 Blush pink with darker pink lines in throat.

Savanna's Pink Satin

(S. Garcia) Creamy pink fluted blossoms, darker edges, with pale purple stripes coming from the center. Compact bloomer.

Savanna's Prissy

(S. Garcia) 2007 Baby soft pink fringed petals, with darker pink veining on spilling out onto the bottom petals. Soft yellow striped throat.

Savanna's Red Velvet

(S. Garcia)

Savanna's Rhett Butler

(S. Garcia) Vibrant purple blooms with bright yellow center, darker red lines on bottom petals.

Savanna's Strawberry Parfait

(S. Garcia) 2007 Huge 2 to 3 inch rich fucshia flowers with purple stripes in the throat. Variegated Foliage

Savanna's Sunny

(S. Garcia) 2007 Large lavendar blooms with darker purple stripes in the center.

Savanna's Yessum

(S. Garcia) 2007 Large, showy fringed blush pink flowers with brighter pink veining on lowers lobes, extending from a creamy white center.


(Dibley) Amazing rich blood red flowers blending gradually into a darker eye. A very floriferous variety with mid green leaves and a medium sized habit. (introduced 2010)

Scarlet O'Hara

(J. Ford) Rose-red bloom with white throat. (AGGS register)



Scottish Mist

(J. Ford) Semi-double lavender with dark veining on three lower lobes, white throat. (AGGS register)

Scrambled Eggs

(Charles Lawn) Australia. Large white blossoms, yellow throat, punctuated by dark nectar lines and lavender netting.

Seashell Pink

(J. Ford) Soft pink with yellow throat. (AGGS register)


(Sorano) An array of deep purple flowers accent medium green foliage. (AGGS register)


Selkie Red


(J. Ford) Double dark velvety purple, darker purple veins throughout all the lobes. (AGGS register)


(Dibley) This is a new colour break. A strong yellow background with inky blue veins and violet-blue edging. A compact habit which is very free flowering over 10 months.


(N. Block) Thick red edging & markings over a 'pinkish' base. Varigated foliage. One of the "dilute" series.


*Spelling Change see SIRIUS*


Shades Of Dave

(Lyon's) Violet-blue flowers, have white upper throats, with dark purple streaks extending from the throat onto the lower petals forming a beard. A few yellow stripes accent the throat, with a hint of purple speckling. Medium green foliage. Large grower.

Sharon Stone

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Very large flower without drawbacks.

Shell Pink

Pink shade with deeper pink veins. (AGGS register)

Shenandoah Premiere

(Brennan) The Shenandoah Premiere has large, violet-blue blossoms with a lighter throat. Two pale yellow lines highlight the throat out of which deep purple threads spill onto the lower petals.

Shenandoah Shiloh

(Brennan) The Shenandoah Shiloh has large, royal purple blossoms with darker purple veining and is highlighted by a thin, bright white edging. The throat is snow white.

Shenandoah Shooting Star

(Brennan) Clear lilac blossoms with purple threads spilling out of a snow white throat. Variegated foliage. 2007 introduction.

Shenandoah Something Special

(Brennan) Cotton-candy pink with medium pink veining on the upper petals. The lower petals are covered with darker rose pink veining and netting.

Shenandoah Sophie

(Brennan)Medium pink, actinomorphic blossoms with a slighter darker pink halo surrounding the white throat. The throat also has a slight yellow flush.

Shenandoah Starlight

(Brennan)Clear violet blossoms with wine red threads spilling out of a pale yellow throat onto the apron. Variegated foliage. 2007 introduction.

Shenandoah Starstruck

(Brennan) Deep violet blue blossoms with a butter yellow throat that fades into a creamy French vanilla apron. Variegated foliage. 2007 introduction.

Shenandoah Strawberry

(Brennan)The Shenandoah Strawberry has strawberry pink blossoms with dark pink to red veining. There are very dark pink to red threads that flow from the white throat onto the lower petals.

Shenandoah Sugarplum

(Brennan)The Shenandoah Sugarplum has lavender blossoms with dark purple veining and spotting on the lower petals which becomes heaviest at the petal edges. The throat is white.

Shenandoah Summer

(Brennan)The Shenandoah Summer produces clouds of hot pink blossoms with white throats on short stems.

Shenandoah Sweet Talk

(Brennan)The Shenandoah Sweet Talk has large, vivid raspberry pink blossoms with fringed petals. There are dark pink threads that spill out of a French vanilla colored throat onto the apron.

Shirakami no Uta




Show Girl

(Sorano) Dark mauve, velvety flowers are accented with light pink in the throat. (AGGS register)

Shy Blue

(Lyon's) Light lavender/blue blossoms have pastel yellow spilling out from the throat on to the lower lobes with a white upper throat and a purple, pencil edge. Compact foliage.


(Dibley catalog) The flowers are wisteria blue with strong yellow eye and thin blue lines emanating from the throat. (AGGS register)


(J. Ford) Double velvety dark purple with white center and strong white edges. (AGGS register)

Silky Touch


Silver Lining

(Nancy Block) Pale lavender , scored with deep purple lines radiating from throat. Beautiful varigation.



(Oglevee) Galaxy hybrid. Red-violet with white and yellow highlights in throat. (Oglevee stie)

Simple Pleasures

(C. Rose) Pale, slightly purple violet ground color, tube whitish inside with 7 purple violet central lines extending from throat out onto lower lobes. compact, neat growth habit with good flower count per peduncle. (AGGS register)

Sings the Blues

(David Thompson) (The King X Janus), 2005 (2" medium blue with 8-9 bluish black lines extending from throat onto lower lip; throat with two yellowish stripes within; prolific bloomer)


(Dibley) A clear white/cream background with strong magenta pink veining. A short/medium plant with exceptional flowering qualities, flowering for well over 10 months. Bred at Dibleys.

Sir Lancelot

(J. ford) Bluish purple with darker purple veins, lower three lobes darker than upper ones. (AGGS register)


(Oglevee) White flowers have three shades of purple, with a dark purple, almost black bib accented with two white spots. The flowers are blotted with deep dark purple spots throughout, having a white pencil edge.
(Oglevee)(Olympus Series) Flower color deep purple, flower size small, growth habit compact.(Oglevee site)



(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Dark red flowers with maroon stripes and light yellow throat. compact habit. (AGGS register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Sky Blue

(J, Ford) Light blue, white center on three lower lobes wuth three dark blue stripes. (AGGS register)

Slumber Song

(J. Ford) Medium purple with pink splashes on all lobes, strong yellow throat. (AGGS register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(David Thompson) (Bristol's Petticoats X Lemon Drop), 2005 (2" white with smeary red markings encircling yellow throat; prolific bloomer)

Snow Baby Blue

Snow Blind

(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Large white flowers, many per stem. Excellent bloomer. (AGGS register)

Snow Plum Pretty

Beautiful plum over variegated foliage. Very gorgeous variegation. (auction)

Snow Posey

Snow Princess

(Lyndon Lyon catalog) White flowers anr marked deep yellow in the throat, extending on to the lower lobes. the foliage is medium green. (AGGS register)

Snow Rose

(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Enchanting dark dusty rose flowers have throats of white accentuated with deep red striping. (AGGS register)

Snow Rose Memory


Snow Sparkle

(L. Lyon) Sparkling snow white flowers in amazing quantity on a compact, easy to grow plant. Elsewhere, delicately fringed flowers with yellow throat. Compact habit. (AGGS register)

Snow Storm Warning

Snow White

(C. Broertjes) Diploid mutant clone from 'Maassen's White' treated with colchicine and x-radiation. Differs from 'Maassen's White' in more tubular flowers, almost erect in the calyx. "Miniature sport". (AGGS register)

Snowkissed Strawberry Fizz

Snowkist Sparkler

(Julie Kuiper) Fantasy blossoms over variegated foliage. Reliably produces fantasy blossoms from leaf cuttings.

Snowy Night


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Soft-N-Silky Sweetheart

(J. Ford) Large soft pink bloom with clear yellow throat. (AGGS register)

Soft Touch

Pure baby pink bloom with yellow throat. Also as: Compact very light blush pink with cream throat. (AGGS register)

Something Special

(J. Ford) Large two tone blooms, upper lobes blush pink, lower lobes dark rose. Medium green foliage. Also: Large soft pink bloom with heavily ruffled edge. and Large pink flowers with deeper pink veining. (AGGS register)

Something Special

(Sorano) Light two tone purple flowers with near black near lower throat and pale lavender upper throat. (AGGS register)


(J. Ford) Medium ruffled rose-pink bloom with white blending to yellow in throat. (AGGS register)

Song Sung Blue

(Nancy Block) Purple-violet with darker purple on lower petals & drk.lines/netting on all petals. Two prominant white lines from throat. Very heavy, easy bloomer., long lasting blossoms. Compact with medium green leaves.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Soup Stain

(Wendy DeLorme)


Large plum/red flowers on tall stems. A free flowering plant that makes a wonderful specimen. (2002 introduction).

Space Dust

S. Space Dust Dark red/pink fantasy, black lines from lobes into throat. (User Database)


(R. Strickland) Rosy-purple flowers in great quantity all year. Compact, self branching. (AGGS register)

Spectacular Velvet Midnight

(J. Ford) Dark velvety red purple, white throat and edges, darker veins on lower lobes. (AGGS register)

Spin Art

(David Thompson)This is a purple flower with a broken yellow throat and wildly random splashes of red.

Spiritual Corridor

(David Thompson) (Michael X Texas Hot Chili), 2005 (2" deep maroon-purple with yellow, black-striped throat; prolific bloomer)

This cultivar has dark purple flowers with a white halo that surrounds the contrasting throat markings, which are are parallel stripes of purplish black and yellow. It has two sisters that I have also introduced, 'Lucky Strike' and 'Salmon Sunset.' (2005; Michael X Texas Hot Chili ).


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


No Description

Stained Glass

(David Thompson) (Blue Mars X Serius), 2003 (2" white with violet wash (suffusion) and darker violet veins; narrow white ruffled edge)

Star Dust

Orchid colored flowers with wide yellow throat. Rosette type. (AGGS register)

Star Dust

(Kartuz catalog) Very large, purple flowers, white throat striped and blotched deep purple. (AGGS register)

Star Gazer

(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Amazingly huge, often star shaped white flowers with purplish stripes. Standard sized plant. (AGGS register)


Deep black purple flowers with white bars in throat. Sturdy stems. (AGGS register)

Starlit Sky

(J. Ford) Semi-double dark purple with white edging on all lobes. (AGGS register)

Starry Night

(David Thompson) (Serius X Janus), 2005 (1.75" dark purple with fine white stippling and thin white picotee edge; small grower; prolific bloomer)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.


(Dibley hybrid) A sport of 'Sandra' the flowers are pink with plum red veining. (1990 Introduction). (AGGS register)


(Dibley hybrid) Lilac background with deep purple veining over all the petals. small flowers and incredibly free flowering. This plants starts to flower very early and will carry on for a very long period.

Steppin Out

(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Small tubular flowers of light purple with dark purple stripes accented with lemon yellow and white in throat. Small lush green foliage, free flowering. (AGGS register)


(David Thompson) (The King X Sugar Blues), 2005 (2.5" light blue with blue-purple veining throughout and fading to edges)

Stop Light

(David Thompson)(Suzie X Phoebe), 2003 (2" red with white-marked throat; slightly purplish; prolific bloomer)


(Sorano) Light, two-tone purple, sporting a near black lower throat and a pale lavender upper throat. (AGGS register)

Strawberry Crush

(M. Kartuz) Vivid coral salmon flowers veined red, the color of crushed strawberries. New bright color. Lyndon Lyon's catalog attributes it to (J. Ford). (AGGS register)

Strawberry Jam

(J. Ford) Semi-double frilly dark red, veined darker red, with overlapping petals. Aslo as: Large semi-double rose-pink bloom with lower lobes netted dark rose extending into white throat. (AGGS register)

Strawberry Milkshake

(J. Ford) No Description (AGGS register)

Strawberry Shortcake

(J. Ford) Double pink with dark pink veins more prominent on lower lobes. (AGGS register)


Light blue flowers, midway between nymph and Rexii (type) large solid dark blotch in throat. (Kartuz catalog) Flowers are viriously striped blue and pink. Novel and distinctive. Tiki nursery credits to (J. Pardo). (AGGS register)

Striped Treasure

Stroke Of Luck

(Judi Du Pont) Sport from Blueberry Butterfly


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Coral-red, very unusual shade flowers with dark red velvet throat, very abundant flowering.



Sugar Almond


Sugar and Spice

(J. Ford) Double white with red veining on three lower lobes. (AGGS register)

Sugar Blues

(Sorano) Light blue flowers with large white throats are edged in deeper blue. Deeper blue streaks appear on both the throat and upper petals. Medium green compact foliage. (AGGS register)

Sugar Pop

(Nancy Block) Pink blossoms really "pop" surrounded by heavily white variegated leaves.

Sultan's Ruby

(D. Thompson) Large dark red with a white/pink striped throat.

Summer Dreams

(N. Block) Deep lavender blossoms, white throat w/slight yellow. Dark lines radiate from throat to all petals. Very good bloomer.

Summer Parfait

(David Thompson) (The King X Hera), 2005 (2.25" flower with upper lip light lavender and lower lip reddish lavender and darker and with darker veining throughout; reverse white; ruffled; prolific bloomer)

Sunkissed Pink

(Sorano) Large pink flowers have an abundance of bright yellow in the throat that flows outward onto the petals. Strong growing, medium green compact foliage. (AGGS register)


(J. Ford) Light watermelon flowers with maroon veining on yellow throat. Medium green foliage. (AGGS register)


(Sorano) This heavy bloomer has small, rose pink flowers, with large, deep yellow throat, extending onto the lower petals. Small foliage of medium green that is compact growing. (AGGS register)


(Dibley hybrid) A well rounded plant of short habit. Many intense magenta flowers with golden yellow centres produced on each stalk. Very spectacular. (AGGS register)


No Description

Susie Cutie

No Description

Susie Sunshine

(J. Ford) Dark red with yellow throat extending onto three lower lobes, touch of dark red veining in throat. (AGGS register)


(Oglevee catalog) Magenta purple flowers with deep yellow throats are early and free flowering on well branched plants. (AGGS register)
(Oglevee)(Bevarian Belle Series) Flower color magenta with yellow throat, flower size large, growth habit vigorous. (Oglevee site)

Sviatoslav Richter

(G. Gessert)

Swan Lake

(J. Ford) Pink with white throat and edges, darker veins on all lobes. (AGGS register)


(K. Williams)

Sweet Caroline

(N. Block) Beautiful baby blush pink blossoms with interesting throat markings. Flower size increases over first 3 days and petals curve backward, lovely SCENT. Mediumn to large grower. Blooms very early often budding with first leaf.

Sweet City Woman

(N. Block) Sweet City Woman, has more subtle dilute features, rosy upper petals, slightly darker edging and underscoring the lower throat.

Sweet Dreams

(Sorano) Soft delicate looking paste pink flowers. The throat is painted with three, narrow, cherry red streaks, extending onto the lower petals. Small flowers and small, compact foliage of medium green. (AGGS register)

Sweet Ella Bella

(G. Ehrlich) Soft pink blossom, darker edge, slight ruffle, yellow throat with darker pink streaks. Short blossom stems. Green foliage.

Sweet Melys

(Dibley) This is the first scented hybrid which we have produced, making this variety stand out from all others, variously described as 'Lily of the Valley' or lemony wood polish scented! An exceptionally free flowering variety with well over a 100 flowers open all together on a mature plant. The flowers are slightly thicker than most other streptocarpus flowers and open with a pale blue tint which changes to a pink tint as the flower matures. A large habit.

Sweet Miss McIntyre

Light lavender flower with a white throat and slightly ruffled edge, deep lavender veining on lower lobes and some blushing with a dark shade of plum. (

Sweet Rose

Sweet Rosie

(J. Ford) Strong pink bloom fully double with darker pink veining. (AGGS register)

Sweet Sioux

(N. Block) Lovely mauve pink blossoms with white throat and dark markings spilling from throat to lower petals. Robust grower, much smaller than original scented streps.

Sweet Treat

(N. Braun) Ruffled flower with pale lavender upper lobes. Lower lobes are light yellow with lavender netting.