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Growth Key: (vc)= very compact (c)= compact (m)= medium (v) vigorous
Descriptions taken from Bob Counsell's website.

Somerset Apple Spice

(Bob Counsell) (c) Small pale pink with dark magenta centre.

Somerset Baby Blue Eyes

(Bob Counsell) (c) Dark blue lower lobe pale upper lobes.

Somerset Black Velvet

(Bob Counsell) (m) Deep plum red with white flecking on petal edge.

Somerset Blaze

(Bob Counsell) (c) Blood red, white lines in throat.

Somerset Blood Royal

(Bob Counsell) (v) Large deep red with darker lines from throat.

Somerset Blue Butterfly

(Bob Counsell) (m) Violet blue with dark lines over a white throat.

Somerset Blue Charm

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large pale blue white throat with darker lines.

Somerset Blue Fancy

(Bob Counsell) (m) Lilac netting over white darker lines in throat.

Somerset Burgundy Charm

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large burgundy red with lined white throat.

Somerset Butterfly

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pale violet blue white throat with darker lines.

Somerset Candy Crush

(Bob Counsell) (m) Bright candy red with white throat.

Somerset Candy

(Bob Counsell) (m) Candy pink with dark pink lines.

Somerset Candy Floss

(Bob Counsell)

Somerset Candy Frills

(Bob Counsell) (m) Frilled shell pink lighter upper lobes./h2>

Somerset Cerise Glow

(Bob Counsell) (vc) Cerise pink darker lines in throat.

Somerset Cerise Splash

(Bob Counsell) (vc) Cerise pink multiple flowers with dark eye.

Somerset Cerise Sunset

(Bob Counsell) (vc) Paler pink with darker lines in throat.

Somerset Claret

(Bob Counsell)

Somerset Coral Blush

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pale pink dark coral red centre stems of multiple flowers.

Somerset Dandini

(Bob Counsell)

Somerset Damson Network

(Bob Counsell) (m) Violet blue lower lobes with lighter veining on upper lobes.

Somerset Dawn's Light

(Bob Counsell) (vc) Violet blue with yellow throat with black lines.

Somerset Ermine

(Bob Counsell) (m) Deep lilac with darker throat and thin white edge.

Somerset Evening Sky

(Bob Counsell) (m) Light blue upper lobes lower lobes darker with bib.

Somerset Eventide

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pale lavender with dark lavender throat.

Somerset Fantail

(Bob Counsell) (m) White with deep violet netting.

Somerset Golden Eye

(Bob Counsell) (m) Soft pink with golden yellow eye with think lines.

Somerset Indigo Ice

(Bob Counsell) (m) Dark purple lower lobes lighter upper lobes and white throat.

Somerset Jimminy's Delight

(Bob Counsell) (vc) Violet blue with dark lines in white throat.

Somerset Katy Girl

(Bob Counsell) (m) Tall multiple stems pale lined blue.

Somerset Lavender Cherry

(Bob Counsell) (c) Pale pink with fine netting, deeper pink throat.

Somerset Lavender Dream

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pale lilac lower lobes darker lilac veining on upper lobes.

Somerset Lavender Ice

(Bob Counsell) (m) White with lilac netting.

Somerset Lavender Lady

(Bob Counsell) (m) White with even lilac netting over all.

Somerset Lavender Strike

(Bob Counsell) (m) Dark lavender with black throat.

Somerset Lilac Dream

(Bob Counsell) (m) White with pale lilac netting, white throat.

Somerset Lilac Frills

(Bob Counsell) (m) White with pink netting 2 dark marks on lower lobes.

Somerset Lilac Ice

(Bob Counsell) (m) White very pale pink netting throughout.

Somerset Lilac Lace

(Bob Counsell) (m) Soft lilac with light netting and white throat.

Somerset Lilac Lady

(Bob Counsell) (m) Lilac with dark magenta lines from throat.

Somerset Lilac Splash

(Bob Counsell) (m) White with lilac netting, dark lines in throat.

Somerset Lilac Strike

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pale lilac with yellow throat with dark markings.

Somerset Lilac Wine

(Bob Counsell) (m) Deep lilac pink dark magenta lines from throat.

Somerset Little Boy Blue

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pale blue with dark blue centre.

Somerset Little Dorrit

(Bob Counsell) (VC) Deep plum, darker maroon in throat.

Somerset Majesty

(Bob Counsell) (m) Deep magenta on lower lobes, upper flushed white.

Somerset Mandy

(Bob Counsell)

Somerset Maryett

(Bob Counsell)

Somerset Mauve Mist

(Bob Counsell) (c) Pale mauve netting over white.

Somerset Moody Magic

(Bob Counsell) (c) Small flowers deep maroon.

Somerset Moonlight Velvet

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large velvety purple with white lines in throat.

Somerset Morning Sun

(Bob Counsell) (vc) Violet blue with large pale yellow throat.

Somerset New Dawn

(Bob Counsell) (vc) Pale blue with large yellow throat.

Somerset Night Velvet

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large velvety purple flowers white throat.

Somerset Pink Perfection

(Bob Counsell) (c) Pastel pink with magenta lines from throat.

Somerset Pink Delight

(Bob Counsell) (c) Pale pink with magenta lines from throat.

Somerset Plum Gem

(Bob Counsell) (c) Bright plum red with dark throat.

Somerset Plum Magic

(Bob Counsell) (m) Tall stems rich plum red white in throat.

Somerset Plum Pie

(Bob Counsell) (m) Rich plum red white lines in throat.

Somerset Plum Puddin'

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large heavily purple veins.

Somerset Plum Velvet

(Bob Counsell) (m) Plum red with darker red veining.

Somerset Purple Ice

(Bob Counsell) (m) Purple with large white throat with stripe in throat.

Somerset Purple Plum

(Bob Counsell) (m) Dark maroon with darker veins.

Somerset Pretty Lady

(Bob Counsell) (m) Medium pale lilac with dark lilac lines on lower lobes.

Somerset Raspberry Dancer

(Bob Counsell) (m) Small maroon flower with white throat.

Somerset Raspberry Dash

(Bob Counsell) (m) Raspberry pink with white throat.

Somerset Raspberry Fool

(Bob Counsell) (m) Cherry red slight white in throat picotee edge.

Somerset Raspberry Frill

(Bob Counsell) (m) Mauve pink slight picotee edge.

Somerset Raspberry Gem

(Bob Counsell) (m) Deep pink netting over white.

Somerset Raspberry Magic

(Bob Counsell) (m) Deep pink netting white throat, slight picotee edge.

Somerset Raspberry Mist

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pink over white lower lobes, upper lobes deeper pink.

Somerset Raspberry Mousse

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large frilled pink with darker pink netting.

Somerset Raspberry Ripple

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large pink and white, darker lines from throat.

Somerset Raspberry Sorbet

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large frilled white with dark pink from throat over lower lobes.

Somerset Regina

(Bob Counsell) (m) Dark purple blue lower lobes, lighter upper lobes.

Somerset Ruby Sprite

(Bob Counsell) (c) Small bright red semi double.

Somerset Saffie

(Bob Counsell)

Somerset Sophie's Choice

(Bob Counsell) (m) Medium violet blue with darker markings.

Somerset Sea Breeze

(Bob Counsell) (c) Small lilac blue,dark lines over white in throat.

Somerset Shannon's Sweetheart

(Bob Counsell) (c) Small multi bloom stems white with dark lines over yellow throat.

Somerset Shooting Star

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pale pink dark pink lines on lower petals, stems of multiple flowers.

Somerset Shy Blue

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pale lilac upper lobes with darker lobes veined darker.

Somerset Snowcap

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large pale lilac netting over white, white throat.

Somerset Summer Skies

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pale blue with pale lemon throat.

Somerset Summertime Blues

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large pale blue frilled with large pale lemon/white throat.

Somerset Sunburst

(Bob Counsell) (m) Carmine red with deep yellow throat upright flowers.

Somerset Sunshot

(Bob Counsell) (c) Small bright pink with lemon throat.

Somerset Sweet Pea

(Bob Counsell)

Somerset Titania

(Bob Counsell) (m) Pale violet with dark violet veining.

Somerset Violet Crush

(Bob Counsell) (m) Violet with white throat.

Somerset Violet Fancy

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large dark purple white lines from throat.

Somerset Violet Gem

(Bob Counsell) (c) White with heavy violet veining.

Somerset Violet Pearl

(Bob Counsell) (m) Violet dark lines over white throat.

Somerset Violet Splash

(Bob Counsell) (m) Deep violet with white lines from throat.

Somerset Whisper of Pink

(Bob Counsell) (m) Large very pale lilac with deeper centre blush.

Somerset White Lady

(Bob Counsell) (m) Small white flower with dark blue lines from throat.

Somerset White Lilac

(Bob Counsell) (m) Small white with dark centre marking, heavy bloomer.