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T&T Sion


T&T Tellina




Takeno Komachi


Tammy Lynn

(N. Block) Large purple, slightly wavy blossoms. Lighter netting, white throat, feathered petal edges.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Tarjar's Roger W.

(E. Rourke) Dark blue-purple flowers heavily streaked with pink fantasy marks. (AGGS register)


(David Thompson) (Magnetosphere X Sugar Blues), 2005 (1.75" white with purple veining and uneven purple wash except for white picotee edge and white- and purple-striped throat; ruffled; small grower; prolific bloomer)

Taylor's Time

Tazawa no Umi



(Dibley) A rich velvety deep purple /blue with strong purple/black veining over the lower lobes. A medium sized variety with dark glossy leaves. Bred at Dibleys.

Telma (6034)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Tequilla Sunrise

(Lyon's) Deep fuchsia blossoms are accented with large, golden yellow throats. Compact foliage.


(G. Ridderberg). Very frilled flowers with purple upper lobes and creamy white at the bottom. Heavy bloomer. Medium green foliage.

Texas Fantasy

(D. Martens) Comapct Rosette. RHS 72A with splashes of RHS 77B abd RHS 59A throat lines in RHS 4C yellow throat. Also as: Small growing Magenta flowers, occasional flecks of lighter color. (Belisles catalog). (AGGS register)

Texas Heat Wave

(D. Martens)

Texas Hot Chili

(D. Martens) Compact Rosette. Dark red RHS 187D, with RHS 60B inner throat and RHS 5D yellow throat. (AGGS register)
Also as ~Red flowers/yellow throat fades to cream as matures. (

Texas Komachi

(D. Martens / Japan) Light blue flowers. Small growing. Compact. Dark green pebbled type foliage. Or Medium to pale lavender-blue with white throat and some yellow deep in the throat. Compact foliage. Translation from Japanese is "Lovely Girl in Texas".

Texas Tootsie

(D. Martens) Pink flower with darker throat lines. Some yellow in throat.

Texas Two Step

(D. Martens) Semi-double to single reddish flowers.

TF-Victory Day



(Oglevee list) White, carmine flowers . Small flowers. Compact habit. (AGGS register)

The Dutchman

(N. Block) The Dutchman presents lovely lavender SD blossoms, occasionally with slight fantasy markings. White throat with pale yellow touches. Robust grower, blooms young and often. Medium to large growing plant.

The King

(David Thompson) (unknown; seeds from Park Seed Co.), 2003 (2" medium blue with dark blue-purple venation on lower lip; throat white with dark blue-purple lines; prolific bloomer--precocious flower production makes plant more difficult to grow; its many progeny are better growers--see above)

Third Fantasia



(Mikkelsens list) Purple flowers with dark purple veins on the lower petals. Compact, rosette habit. Numerous flowers. Excellent keeping qualities. (AGGS register)


(J. Ford) Salmon with large yellow throat extending half way out on three lower lobes, dark thread-like veins in throat. (AGGS register)

Thunder Bay

Single to semi-double lavender flowers with darker purple blotches and lines. (AGGS register)

Thunder Blue

(J. Ford) Double or semi-double purple with darker veins on lower three lobes, small white throat. (AGGS register)

Tickle Pink

Tickled in Texas

(D. Martens) Very heavy blooming plant. The blossom is a pretty pink with a very pale, almost white throat lined with darker stripes and shadings that pour out onto the lower lobes. Compact medium green foliage. (AGGS register)

Tiger Tim

(G. Bainbridge) Four inch mauve flowers with bold maroon stripes in the throat. The flowers open with strait edges but after a day or so they become extaordinarily frilly. (AGGS register)


Dwarf, compact habit. Upper petals pale pink, the lower petals bright magenta red with distinct red veins. (AGGS register)

Upper petals pale pink, lower bright magenta, with distinct veins. A compact free flowering plant. Highly recommended, still one of the best varieties. AGM (

Tinker Bell

(J. Ford) Light magenta with darker color around edges of all lobes, deepyellow throat extending onto three lower lobes, tiny dark red veins overlaying the yellow deep into the throat. Aslo listed: Medium rose bloom with darker edge and light yellow center. (AGGS register)

Tiny Dancer

(J. Ford) Purple with deep purple veins on all lobes, light blue throat. (AGGS register)

Tiny Tim

(J. Ford) Purple with dark purple stripes on white center with a touch of yellow on lower lobes, upper throat darker purple. (AGGS register)


(N. Block) A "dilute" with pink base and darker pink edge & markings over variegated foliage.

Tom Thumb

(J. Ford) Purple with yellow throat and heavy black lines extending onto lower three lobes. (AGGS register)






(J. Ford) Upper lobes solid white, three lower lobes white, netted dark blue, two white stripes in center. Aslo listed: Huge white bloom with three lower lobes netted rose-purple. (AGGS register)

Toronto Silver Splash


Touch of Love

(J. Ford) Ruffled edges, soft pink with large yellow throat, dark pink veining between upper and lower lobes. (AGGS register)

Towada no Umi



(Dibley hybrid) Medium sized plant. Strong upright flower stalks carrying a multi-flowered head of small deep magenta flowers. The flowers are similar in size to 'Falling Stars'. (AGGS register)

Transatlantic Sunset

(D. Martens, C. Rose) Bright pink with yellow throat extending onto the bottom three lobes, deep maroon dots in the throat. Distinguished by eyecatching demarcation between the pink and yellow and very large blossom. (AGGS register)

Travis' Frans' Breanne

The blooms are a medium shade of pink with darker rays of pink in the throat.Sturdy heat tolerant compact growing foliage.The leaves are very strong.

Trick or Treat

(Nancy Block) New for 2011. Perky, cupped , keyhole blossoms with purple uppers marked with dark lash marks. Bottom petals golden-yellow with dark line from throat scoring them in half. Ruffled petal edged, lavender backs.


(Mikkelsens) Medium blue flowers with deep purple veins into the throat. Compact, rosette habit. Floriferous. (AGGS register)
(Oglevee)(Olympus Series) Flower color violet, rose/white, flower size medium, growth habit medium, (Oglevee site)


(N. Block) Trixie is small-medium compact grower with long, slim leaves, and loads of blossoms. (cape baby & fernwood minuet)



Tropic Heat

S. Tropic Heat Large fuscia pink blooms with yellow throat.

Tropical Glow


TSF hybrids by (Tsentr Fialki, Russia). Please see the TSF table. Click Here





Tunnel Vision

(David Thompson) The medium-large, dark blue-purple flowers have a dramatic white throat with near-black stripes. (2007; Sugar Blues X Lucky Strike).

Turbulent Tide

(C. Rode) Compact Rosette. Ground color purple, close to RHS 71A, with crisp darker veins on upper lobes and thicker, less distinct veining on lower lobes. Tube white with entire and broken red purple veins lines. Two white bands extend out of tube. (AGGS register)

Turtle Dove

Pink blossoms with large bright yellow throat.

Tutti Frutti

(N. Braun) Fringed flower with fine white edging on all lobes. Pale pink upper lobes; yellow throat and lower lobes overlaid with rose netting which gives the appearance of orange. 2-4 flowers/bloomstalk.


(J. Ford) Rich medium blue with deep purple stripes on yellow throat. (AGGS register)

Twilight Pink

(B. Schwarz) Near pink flowers with hint of lavender in clusters over fresh, soft green foliage. (AGGS register)

Twilight Song

No Description