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(N.Braun) - Ruffled lavender-pink with heavy rose netting and some yellow speckling on lower lobes. Two bright yellow striations from throat. 2-4 blooms per stalk.


(J. Ford) No Description.

Valor (6015)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Vampires In Lust

(Wendy DeLorme)

Vampires Kiss

Magnificent, deepest shade of red to date. The blossoms are near black in the throat.



Deep pink, yellow throat. (AGGS register)


(Oglevee catalog) Year round supply of rich purple flowers with yellow throats available on nicely proportioned plants. (AGGS register)
(Oglevee)(Bavarian Belle Series) Flower color purple wine with yellow throat, flower size large, growth habit vigorous. (Oglevee site)


(P. Worley) Very large deep violet flowers, white striped throat. Beautifully shaped blooms. (AGGS register)

Velvet Underground

(C. Rose) Compact Rosette. Dark blue/violet purple, slightly paler in center with very strong velvety sheen across whole face. Strong, dark flecked yellow band up tube. (AGGS register)


(Mikkelsens) Showy, ruffled lavender/pink flowers with magenta streaks from the throat. Compact, rosette habit. Long lasting flowers. (AGGS register)


(K. Jones) Clean growth with branched stems. Mauve with purple mottled even pattern, some yellow in throat fding to a creamy white. (AGGS register)


(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Gorgeous colors - yellow lower petals, throat out bright black stripes. Bizarre flowers, abundant flowering.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Very Blue

(Jeff Smith)

Very Cherry Vanilla

(Jeff Smith)(F2 seedling out of 'Canterbury Surprise' X AGGS seedling)This plant grows slightly larger compared to the other two plants in this series. Variegated foliage.(Jeff Smith)

Very Nearly

(Jeff Smith)(F2 seedlings out of 'Canterbury Surprise' X AGGS seedling click here ) Plants are small growers and are somewhat shy on producing flowers. Is almost pure white. Variegated foliage.(Jeff Smith)

Very White

(Jeff Smith)(F2 seedlings out of 'Canterbury Surprise' X AGGS seedling click here ) Plants are small growers and are somewhat shy on producing flowers. Pure white flowers. Variegated foliage.(Jeff Smith)

Victorian Brocade

(Lee) Purple flowers with darker purple veining on both bottom and top lobes. Dark purple striping from throat.

Victorian Lace

(Lee)Crisp clear white flower with deep purple veining and bib on lower lobes. Top lobes are edged in dark purple veins. The entire flower is edged in white.

Victorian Valentine

(David Thompson) 2007, Beautiful snowy white fluted blooms with a very striking deep red center and rosy red veining throughout.

This cultivar has dark rose flowers with white stippling and white accents around the throat. What sets it apart is the large central area on the lower lip, which is a saturated, deep red color. This is a small-growing strep that is a heavy bloomer, with loose sprays of flowers facing outward in all directions above a mature plant. It is certainly one of my finest introductions. (2007; Sirius X Red Alert).


(G. Ridderberg) Flowers are dark purple sprinkled zillions of with tiny dots. Full network of fine dark veins on all lobes. The purple fades into a yellow / cream colored throat. compact, heavy bloomer. Medium green foliage.


(J. Ford) Very much like a woods violet; purple blue bloom with dark purple stripes radiating out of strong yellow throat. (AGGS register)

Viola (7004)

(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Violet Dew


Violet Profusion

(David Thompson) (Suzie X Kim), 2003 (originally sold as 'Lotsa Violet'; 2" violet with unmarked yellow throat; discontinued because it is not sufficiently vigorous)

Violet Showers

(C. Rose) Ground color violet RHS 87C, slightly paler below mouth and on bottom half of upper lobes. Full network of violet vein color and stippling between. White throat. Subtle yellow band up center. (AGGS register)


Vladimir Vysotsky

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Superobilny, strong, bright! Flowering time. Flowers large, flower stalks - short, powerful. Dense petals.

Volkswagen Touareg

(Kabanovoy / Trofimenko) Large, fringed flowers on strong peduncles bright purple with yellow lower petals, which passes contrast pattern. King shows!