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Water Dancer

Water Lily

(N. Block) Small, compact grower, lots of bloom - a Gracie kid for certain.


(Sorano) Pristine white flowers. The throat is streaked and blushed with two-tone purple, that pours out onto the bottom petals. (AGGS register)

Waterfall Wonder

(J. Ford) Light lavender with darker edges on all segments, yellow throat veined with dark purple which extends into lower three petals, lower three petals splashed with a tinge of blue. (AGGS register)

Watermelon Wine



(J. Ford) Medium pastel bluish pink, light yellow throat with wide dark purple veins extending from deep in the throat onto lower three lobes. (AGGS register)


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland.

Web Of Intrigue

(David Thompson) The large, white flowers of this cultivar are heavily overlaid with near-black mottling. The petals spread evenly, making the flowers star-shaped. The free-blooming plant is compact and small, usually less than 12 inches wide. This cultivar is sister to 'Fire and Ice,' which is nearly identical except for color. (2008; Starry Night X Stained Glass)

(David Thompson) White flowers with very heavy, dark purple netting covering the blooms. (

Wedding Day

(J. Ford) Double, rusty red, splotched mauve, very ruffled on all lobes, overlapping thin white frilled lace around all adges. (AGGS register)

Weismoor Hybrids

Formula seed mixture containing 18 distinct colors and bicolors, veined and blotched designs. Very free flowering. (AGGS register)


(Dibley hybrid) The largest pure white flower available. The flowers are born on strait upright stems from a vigorous plant. A sport of 'Joanna' and like its parent this makes an excellent specimen plant for showing. (1999 Introduction).

Wendy's Bling Cherry

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Buttered Popcorn

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Cranberry Lace

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Dancing Piggies

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Golden Treasure

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Here Comes the Sun

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Indian Teardrop

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Kermits Kiss

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Las Vegas Sunset

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Niagara Falls

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Over the Falls

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Queen Cobra

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Ruby Falls

(Wendy DeLorme)

Wendy's Wickedly Awesome

(Wendy DeLorme)

Where Bluebirds Fly

White Christmas

(J. Ford) Dark red with deeper red veins extending onto all lobes, white throat and strong lacy white edges on all lobes. (AGGS register)

White Dream

White Linen

(N. Block) Puts up lovely, long lasting bouquets of white blossoms bathed with a light lavender overlay. It often produces slight touches of lavender at the petals edges. Photos don't do it justice. Medium growing plant, easy grower - bloomer.

White Nymph

Medium sized plants with large pure white bloom. Later use of this cv name by several dealers as a redundant syn. for the dutch mutant 'Maassen's White' has produced confusion in the trade. (AGGS register)

White Star

(J. Ford) Semi-double, slightly ruffled edges on all lobes, White with deep pink veins bursting from throat onto three lower lobes. (AGGS register)

White Water

(Nancy Block) White blossoms over variegated foliage.

White Wings

(F. Davies) Medium sized rosette. White with blue veining extending from throat to tips of lower three lobes, top lobes only veined on outer 1/4". (AGGS register)

Wild Fire

(J. Ford) Dark red with lighter muted red extending from throat onto lower lobes, bottom lobes daintily veined dark red and all lobes very lightly pin dotted with pale yellow. (AGGS register)

Wild Irish Rose

No Description


(Nancy Block) Novel growth form for steps, pale lavender blossoms with white throats(no markings) and unusual spray of variegated leaves resembling a weeping willow tree. (Trixie x Fernwood Silouette)

Wind Chimes

(J. Ford) Medium lavender with darker lavender around all lobes, pale yellow throat waning to white, one dark red vein on center of all three lobes. (AGGS register)

Wind Dancer

(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Light blue flowers have bright yellow throat accented with dark blue stripes, bib and netting. Deep green foliage. (AGGS register)


(J. Truter)


(sorano) Small, deep wine flowers are heavily produced on small medium green cultivar. (AGGS register)


(G. Brown) Semi-double mauve blue flowers. Also as: Lavender blue flowers with double centers. (AGGS register)


(Lyndon Lyon catalog) Lavender-blue flowers are dabbed with bright yellow in the unusual white throat, then lightly etched with two-tone purple streaks. (AGGS register)

Winter Blossom

(N. Block) White with hot pink netting & feathered edges on lower petals. Flowers are held up in a lovely corsage. Blooms very early with compact growth habbit.

Winter Dreams

(M. Kartuz) Large ruffled pink flowers, leaves variegated with white, cream, green. (AGGS register)

Winter Mint

(Hunter) White blossoms edged in lavender/pink, deep maroon lines from the throat.

Winter Wishes

(N. Block) Lavender ruffled blossoms, upper petals are lighter and have netting at tips. Lower petals heavily netted, white throat, with deep purple lines running to each. Beautiful bloomer, robust grower medium to large sized.

Winter Wood

(N. Block) Snow white blossoms with heavy purple netting on lower petals (looks like branches in winter). Two yellow lines emerge from pale yellow throat.


(N. Block) a second generation smaller scented strep. Blooms very early often with the first baby leaf. Blossoms open dark and lighten thru 3 color stages. 2-4 buds per stem. Upright grower with medium green leaves. Background includes species var.Candidus & species Vandeleurii.

Witch Hazel

(N. Block) Large grower, heavy bloomer.


(Piotr Kleszczynski) Poland. Spectacular new hybrid from Poland. Huge frilled bicolor blooms, upper half bright purplish-red and lower lobes even brighter yellow. A one-of-a-kind bloom. Large grower.(Violet Barn)